Tracks is a new app designed for soundwalks. Offering a growing collection of soundwalks and many functionalities, Tracks connects anyone with a smartphone to the work of sound artists to be discovered in the most immediate way. The release of the app is planned for summer 2021.

Tracks gives you the possibility of finding soundwalks close to you or using various keywords, downloading or streaming them, orientating yourself on the interactive map which also triggers the programmed soundtracks if the artist chooses to, leaving feedback to the creators and sharing with others.

Soundwalks offer experiences that appeal to different senses. Through your headphones, voices tell stories, give information, share experiences. Music and sound experiments are heard. At the same time, you are walking outside, seeing and feeling. Sight and sensation are still strongly present, but sounds become extra important. Sound modulates the way one perceives, walks, senses one's own body and consciousness. Sound walks are not compositions of different sounds, but compositions of sounds and what the walkers see and feel. This reminds of film: sound and image are strongly linked, and that link is controlled by the artist. But with soundwalks, the 'point of view' is more like the 'point of hearing'. While walking, you can hear the artist play with that, manipulating and leading you to new perceptions.

In the summer of 2020, Jubilee artist Justin Bennett initiated a collaboration with Soundtrackcity, leading to the idea of creating a new app that unites the soundwalks produced by art organisations in Belgium and Amsterdam: Beursschouwburg, BNA-BBOT, Jubilee, Overtoon, Q-O2, and Soundtrackcity. Together, they curate Tracks – an app for soundwalks.

Tracks is being developed with the kind support of Visit.Brussels