Temps Mort

Single Channel video, 8mm-film transferred to video, 20min, IICAVAH/IICADOM 2010
a film by: Jasper Rigole - Produced with the support of EHMN

The majority of home movies are shot on holidays. When people return from their travels, they are very curious about the images they have shot. Often, however, there is still some film left in the camera.

The film Temps Mort uses these little fragments filmed in order to fill the reel. These shots of empty gardens, sleeping pets and flowerbeds are in his eyes more real than any home movie fragment. The term “temps mort” is also a reference to Michelangelo Antonioni’s films. The term was used to describe the way Antonioni’s camera frequently wanders to and holds on apparently insignificant details in the frame, non-narrativized elements that have the effect of draining significance from the events that have just unfolded.