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7 Walks (Placcaet)
Vermeir & Heiremans participate with four different walks in this year’s edition of Kunst & Zwalm, Over/with/within/through Water. Zwalm, Belgium
26-27/08, 2-3/09 & 9-10/09/2023, 15-17h


Group exhibition with Justin Bennett at AG Ruimte voor nieuwe kunst en media, Utrecht
08/09 – 30/09/2023
Opening: Friday 08/09, 17h


7 Walks (Learning through the soles of our feet)
Solo exhibition by Vermeir & Heiremans at n0dine, Brussels, with 3 public walks
22/09 September – 15/10/2023
Opening: Thursday 21/09/2023, 18h
Walks: 1, 8, 15/10/2023, 14-18h



The Art of Cold War Science
Performance by BMB con. (Justin Bennett’s performance collective) at iii (Instrument Inventors Initiative), Den Haag/The Hague
16/09/2023, 20h


Summer School

Jubilee Summer School Brussels: Alternative Learning and Self-organisation
A summer school about alternative learning, local knowledge, self-organisation. At various locations in and around Brussels
22 – 26/09/2023



Volatile Properties. A Modest Proposal revisited
Contribution by Vermeir & Heiremans in the Special issue of the online journal Finance & Society on Volatility in finance, art, and culture.


Awards & screenings

Juste un Mouvement will be screened at Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, on October 7, 2023, in presence of the artist, Vincent Meessen.
The film has been awarded ‘The Best Belgian Documentary’ at Docville in Leuven. For a complete overview of screenings and awards please check the updated list of screenings and awards, and the film’s official website

Juste un Mouvement is available on Avila


Sound work

Each month over the summer, Justin Bennett publishes a new or archival sound work. The third one is mnemonic, using binaural recording to spatialise sounds derived from a small antique cymbal and is intended for headphone listening.


Relations of Property
Lecture by Vermeir & Heiremans at the conference Intersections of Finance & Society 2023, Brussels
14/09/2023, 13:30h



Fair Kin Arts Almanac
The voices of more than 130 artists, thinkers, writers and other creatures addressing ecology, parenthood, the need to rest in a life that never stops, the urgency for space and infrastructure for artists, redistribution of resources, accessibility of the sector, artistic involvement in politics and much more. Presentation during a parade through Brussels, heading, with stopovers at various cultural spots, for the center of the Theatre Festival at KVS.
09/09/2023, 11-19:30h



Research tool

TRACKS launch in Brussels
Audio walk from Kiosk Radio to Beursschouwburg, where the new smartphone app Tracks is presented to the public
23/06/2023, 16h



Tidal Zone Experiences
An exhibition and programme of the Platform for Algae Diplomacy, created by the Brussels-based artists Filip Van Dingenen and Hélène Meyer. They have been part of Jubilee’s Summer School on Laeso (2022). Jubilee artists Clémentine Vaultier, Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers are among the participants of Tidal Zone Experiences. Pilar Expo, Brussels
20/04 – 25/05/2023. For different events, follow the link


The Seduction of the Bureaucrat
Group exhibition with Vermeir & Heiremans, where they will show their research project A Modest Proposal. At De Garage, Mechelen (B)
15/03 – 04/06/2023


After / D’après / Na
The exhibition After / D’après / Na by Vincent Meessen inaugurates Research in Residence, CIVA’s new collection-based, transdisciplinary research initiative
18/11/2022 – 28/05/2023 (extended)
An extensive interview with Vincent Meessen has been published on the occasion of this exhibition by Le Journal de l’Architecte (French)




Algae to ashes, ashes to glazes (full)
A moment of knowledge exchange around the fire on algae glazing with The Atlas of Ovens. At Pilar, Brussels, in the context of Tidal Zone Experiences
10/05/2023, 13:30-17:30h




Ancestors & Cultural Heritage
A conversation on ceremonies and traditions with artists Yemo Park and Filip Van Dingenen and researcher Mihnea Tănăsescu. At Pilar, Brussels, in the context of Tidal Zone Experiences
10/05/2023, 19-21h


Conversation with OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen and Vincent Meessen
A conversation moderated by the researcher and architectural historian Dennis Pohl (TU Delft) at CIVA, Brussels
16/05/2023, 19h


Robert Filliou: Origins and Becomings of the Poïpoï
Vincent Meessen in conversation with Antony Hudek at Jan Mot, Brussels
27/04/2023, 18:30h



Lactating Bodies
Katya Ev’s research Lactating bodies tackles an intimate but also highly political and urgent topic, namely, practices of breastfeeding and lactation. Ev in collaboration with Azad Asifovich, Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers, Tobias Van Royen (TWIIID), Melanie Weil, Sarah Michel, at KANAL Centre Pompidou, Brussels
11/04 – 15/04/2023. Sharing moment: Friday 14/04/2023, 14h


Collective research

Reading Room #27: From radiators to relational infrastructure
During this Reading Room we gather at 019 (Ghent) around a text that understands the built space as a verb rather than a noun.
24/02/2023, 16-18h


Assembly of practice #4: Whose collection?
After ‘What does it mean to own?’, ‘Whose Artwork?’, and ‘Whose Institution’, a final Assembly of Practice brings us to art collections as potential places of shared interest. We zoom in on questions that come to the surface with the complexity of collecting contemporary art practices, increasingly immaterial, performative, situated, ongoing and collaborative in nature.
a.pass, Brussels
03/03/2023, 17-20h



Group exhibition at 019, Ghent with Jubilee associate artists Clémentine Vaultier and Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers
03/12/2022 – 20/03/2023


After / D’après / Na
The exhibition After / D’après / Na by Vincent Meessen inaugurates Research in Residence, CIVA’s new collection-based, transdisciplinary research initiative
18/11/2022 – 26/03/2023


Collective research

Reading Room #26: Art library as a practice
During this Reading Room we gather at a.pass (Brussels) around a text that unfolds the story of a library in an artist-run space in Beirut.
30/01/2023, 16-18h


Learning from lumbung: A Public Forum on documenta fifteen

With The Kitchen, SOTA, radical_house and ERG, Jubilee organises a day of public reflection on documenta fifteen. Curated by Indonesian collective ruangrupa and organised through the redistribution principle of ‘lumbung’, how does this edition of the most influential event of contemporary art change the way we understand how art is defined and organised? This Forum proposes presentations, dialogues and Q&A’s with documenta participants who speak about the practice of lumbung from their own experiences.



The Production of Space
Screening programme organised within the framework of the exhibition After /D’après / Na by Vincent Meessen as part of CIVA’s collection-based transdisciplinary research initiative Research in Residence
19/01/2023, 19h



Behold, We Are Here
Group exhibition curated by Hanni Kamaly with work by Vincent Meessen at the Lundskonsthall in Lund, Sweden
10/09 – 22/01/2023



The artist-researcher as duck-rabbit
Round table on research in arts at CIVA with Karima Boudou, Silvia Franceschini, Vincent Meessen, Cédric Noël, and Mira Sanders, among others, organised by the Visual Arts departement of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
21/12/2022, 14h


Guided tour

Guided visit with Vincent Meessen
In the framework of the exhibition After / D’après / Na, CIVA organises a tour of its collections by Vincent Meessen and Francis Carpentier, head of the CIVA Collections
15/12/2022, 18h


Collective research

Assembly of practice #3: Whose institution?
After ‘What does it mean to own?’ and ‘Whose Artwork?’, a third Assembly of Practice at Kunsthal Gent brings us to the relationships between artists, arts organizations, and public.
02/12/2022, 16:30 – 19:30h


Sound work

Immersive Days #2: Public Immersion
Justin Bennett presents a new version of the locative audio walk, Secret Garden, and a lecture, New Babylon: listening to public space, during Public Immersion, the second edition of Immersive Days
22 – 24/11/2022



Group exhibition featuring work by Eleni Kamma and Katya Ev at the National Museum of Contemporary Art – EMST in Athens
17/06 – 30/10/2022 > Extended till 20/11/2022


Polyphone. Polyphonies visuelles et sonores
Vincent Meessen’s One.Two.Three is shown within a group exhibition at Musée d’art et d’histoire Paul Eluard, Saint-Denis (France)
20/05 – 07/11/2022


7 Walks (resolution)
Vermeir & Heiremans present an update of their Cabinet the lecture, a documentary exhibition, meeting place and reading room, at the Musée de la Ville d’eaux in Spa
03/04 – 13/11/2022



Nadia Yala Kisukidi in conversation with Vincent Meessen
A conversation between Vincent Meessen and the French-Congolese philosopher, essayist and novelist Nadia Yala Kisukidi as part of the closing programme of Polyphone. Polyphonies visuelles et sonores at Musée d’art et d’histoire Paul Eluard in Saint-Denis
06/11/2022, 16:30h



A new app designed for audiowalks and site-specific artistic research, currently in development in collaboration with Soundtrackcity, BNA-BBOT, Overtoon, Q-O2, and Beursschouwburg


Collective research

Reading Room #25: Lumbung
Working towards Emptor’s third assembly of practice ‘Whose institution?’, Jubilee invites you to Reading Room #25. We will gather around texts from the Handbook that accompanies Documenta 15/Lumbung 1, an artist-run and collectively structured edition of Documenta which has implied a significant shift in the possibilities of institutional practice
27/10/2022, 16-18h



Making Matters: A Vocabulary for Collective Arts
Eleni Kamma contributed to Making Matters: A Vocabulary for Collective Arts, launched at documenta 15 in Kassel, a “glossary of keywords and concepts for enhancing collaboration in art and design” edited by Janneke Wesseling and Florian Cramer


Walking Projects

7 Walks (resolution)
After a series of walks in September 2021, artist duo Vermeir & Heiremans, in collaboration with the Musée de la ville d’eaux and Jubilee, once again invite you to a new series talking place in Spa in October 2022
Walking Programme: 09, 15, 16, 23 October 2022


Sound work

BMB con., Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project, participates in Eureka!, a nighttime installation art performance by the October Collective inspired by Edgar Allen Poe
01 – 02/10/2022, 20h-late


Collective research

Reading Room #24: To an Institution of Critique
Working towards Emptor‘s third assembly of practice ‘Whose institution?’ Jubilee invites you to Reading Room #24. We will gather around the text ‘From the Critique of Institutions to an Institution of Critique’ by Andrea Fraser (2005), at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces (ground floor)
26/09/2022, 16-18h


Spinning PLOT
A one-week workshop organised by Julien de Smet, Vanessa Müller and Clémentine Vaultier (Botschaft) in the framework of Nomadic school of arts (KASK & Conservatorium, Ghent)
12 – 18/09/2022, Open to everyone (last minute enrolling accepted)


Book launch

Being Together: A Manual For Living
Grace Ndiritu in conversation with art critic Pablo Larios at the occasion of the book launch of Being Together: A Manual For Living at Motto, Berlin
13/09/2022, 19h


Collective research

Lactating Bodies
Katya Ev will develop her new performance-based project Lactating Bodies during a residency at PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany)
15 – 23/08/2022



Opera Opera. Allegro ma non troppo
Justin Bennett created a new version of Oracle for the exhibition Opera Opera. Allegro ma non troppo at PalaisPopulaire (Berlin), in collaboration with MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (Rome)
27/04 – 22/08/2022


QUI WHO ÊTES ARE VOUS les Louviérvoix ?
Solo exhibition by Eleni Kamma at Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée, La Louvière (B)
09/04 – 24/07/2022



Symposium with Vermeir & Heiremans during week 10 of MANIFESTIAMO, a conference at Villa Romana in Florence
16/07/2022, 10h
Eleni Kamma takes part in week 9 of MANIFESTIAMO, a conference at Villa Romana in Florence, with a lecture and round table
05 – 06/07/2022, 18h


Walking Projects

7 Walks on Læsø
As part of their ongoing 7 Walks project, Vermeir & Heiremans are organising a public walk on Læsø informed by the Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914 – 73) and including a visit to his farmhouse and studio


Collective research

Summer School on Laeso
Five-day Summer School in the former farmhouse studio of Asger Jorn on the small island of Læsø, organised in partnership with Skal Contemporary and f.eks
25 – 29/06/2022



Weird Economies
Vermeir & Heiremans’ film A Modest Proposal (2018) is permanently on view on the online platform Weird Economies, including a conversation with curator Bassam El Baroni and Weird Economies initiator Bahar Noorizadeh


Walking Projects

7 Walks at Skagen
A public walk around the former Art Colony in Skagen (DK) organised by Vermeir & Heiremans and hosted by Skal Contemporary



Our Fluid Territories
Jubilee’s curator coordinator Jesse van Winden initiated and participates in a three-day exhibition themed around the transition from socialism to capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces, Brussels. The screening programme includes work by Justin Bennett
18 – 20/06/2022


Dakar Biennal: Teg Bët Gëstu Gi
Group exhibition with work by Vincent Meessen, in the framework of the Dakar Biennal
21/05 – 21/06/2022


Collective research

Assembly of practice #2: Whose artwork?
Highlighting how authorship, ownership, and usership in the arts could be reconsidered, we invite you to an encounter with Katya Ev, Clémentine Vaultier and TWIIID. Part of Almost Summer festival, BUDA, Kortrijk
16/06/2022, 17 – 19h


Reading Room: Loki
Introducing Summer School on Læsø, Skal Contemporary invited Vermeir & Heiremans to assemble texts for an online Reading Room on the disruptive exploits of the mythological character Loki. Send a mail to or to obtain a zoom link
17/06/2022, 16 – 18h



Archiving Performance: Between Artistic Poetics and Institutional Policies
In the framework of the symposium organized by CKV and M HKA, Katya Ev is part of the panel on the subject of Politics of Acquiring Performance.
16/05/2022, 9h30-18h


7 Walks (Congress)
Vermeir & Heiremans’ 7 Walks project continues its reflections in a two-day symposium with a series of presentations and collective discussions that challenge ownership issues of common resources, both natural (water) and social (art), at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces, Brussels
18 – 19/05/2022, 10-18h



BMB con.: Performance (untitled)
For Oscillation festival, BMB con. presents a new piece, using electronic sound, the natural outdoor acoustics of the Abbaye de Forest and the movements and sounds of humans, birds, bats and other creatures.
01/05/2022, 16:30h


Collective research

Reading Room #23: How to inscribe cultural property in the present?

In the framework of Emptor we invite you to Jolimont Castle in Boitsfort (Brussels) for a shared reading and discussion about the role of the collective in heritage preservation.
13/05/2022, 16-19h


Reading Room #22: How do we relate to authorship?
Collective reading of the text ‘The author stripped bare by its employees: artistic authorship in the twenty-first century and beyond’ by Lisa Rosendahl, at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces, Brussels
28/04/2022, 16-18h



Welcome to Amchitka
Justin Bennett takes part in the group exhibition Welcome to Amchitka at 38CC, Delft
19/03 – 22/05/2022


Group exhibition with work by Justin Bennett at kunstencentrum nona, Mechelen (B)
28/04 – 08/05/2022


Entretenir vaut mieux
Katya Ev presents her performance Ne rien faire contre rémuneration in Entretenir vaut mieux, a duo show with Marc Buchy at NEW SPACE, Liège
26/03 – 08/05/2022


Art au Centre #8
Katya Ev’s Ne rien faire contre rémunération is part of Art au Centre #8, Liège
03/02 – 30/04/2022


Collective research

Assembly of practice and public momentWhat does it mean to own?
On April 14th Emptor organises its first Assembly of Practice, a moment of collective reflection, and a public moment in collaboration with Jester (formerly CIAP/FLACC), at C-mine, Genk
14/04/2022, 10-19h


Sound work

Sounding the Spui
A large-scale sound installation in the public space of The Hague created by students of the Institute of Sonology, led by Justin Bennett
09 – 10/04/2022



BMB con. with Laetitia Gendre 
Post-residency performance of a first-time collaboration between BMB con. (Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus) and Laetitia Gendre. They explore different ways of working together through various layers of reality and media-using techniques. At Q-O2, Brussels
24/03/2022, 18h


A Whole for All
Open Letter performed by Vincent Meessen at Antoine Wiertz Museum, February 19, 2022



Soundscape Discussion
Roundtable discussion with Hugo Lioret, BJ Nilsen, Justin Bennett, and Leonie Roessler
14/04/2022, 18:30-20:30h


Weird Economies
Vermeir & Heiremans’ film A Modest Proposal (2018) is permanently on view on the online platform Weird Economies, including a conversation with curator Bassam El Baroni and Weird Economies initiator Bahar Noorizadeh



A Research on Rising Warmth with a Few Detours
Part of Jubilee’s collective reflection Emptor, Clémentine Vaultier shows artworks from her project in the group show Synonymes d’objets // Matières premières at Eleven Steens, Brussels
24/02 – 10/04/2022



Juste un Mouvement
In March, Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement is shown at La Inesperada (Barcelona), Worm (Rotterdam), ERG (Brussels), 18th New African Film Festival (Los Angeles) and Docville (Leuven)


Book presentation, screening and talks

Book launch Drifting Studio Practice with screening Stones Have Laws (Dee Sitonu a Weti)
Book presentation, film screening and conversation around participatory documentaries with communities, with Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Tolin Alexander, Rehana Ganga, and Olivier Marboeuf, moderated by Vincent Meessen. At Bozar, Brussels
25/03/2022, 19-22h



Meta-PAM: the audiovisual, sound and media arts community unites
A network meeting organized by PAM (Platform for Audiovisual and Media Art), open to anyone working in media arts. This assembly is a space for discussing common issues and sharing knowledge. It will be held at Beursschouwburg, Brussels
23/03/2022, 14-20h


PhD in the Arts

Taking Place: Parrhesiastic Theater as a Model for Artistic Practice
Jubilee wishes to congratulate her member artist Eleni Kamma with her PhD in the Arts, recently obtained from Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague


Sound work

Radio New Babylon
A project initiated by Justin Bennett including audio pieces by local and international artists in and around the New Babylon office and apartment complex in Den Haag
01/10/2021 – ongoing

BMB con. #14, Sudden Noise
BMB con., Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project, releases the digital album Sudden Noise



Flux News: Entre narration spéculative et réalisme opérationnel
Pascale Viscardy interviewed Vermeir & Heiremans for Flux News #87

Between the Material and the Possible – Infrastructural Re-examination and Speculation in Art
Vermeir & Heiremans contributed to a book edited by Bassam El Baroni

Mosaic Journal: Special Issue on Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida
Vincent Meessen contributed to Mosaic Journal’s Special Issue on Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

Herman Asselberghs on Juste un Mouvement
Filmmaker and film school professor Herman Asselberghs wrote an essay about Juste un Mouvement for Sabzian (in Dutch)


Collective research

Reading Room #21: How do we practice property?
In the framework of Emptor we invite you to a collective reading and discussion of ‘Symbionts in jurisprudence’, a chapter from Drifting Studio Practice by Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces, Brussels
17/03/2022, 16-18h



Infrahauntologies – Part II
Vermeir & Heiremans present their work A Modest Proposal in part two of the group exhibition Infrahauntologies at galerie La Box, Bourges (FR)
27/01 – 13/03/2022


Casting Call: The Collector of Proverbs, The Animal, The Fool, The Selfie-Junkie, The Innocent, The Child, The Drunk, The…
Eleni Kamma presents her project Casting Call in a solo exhibition at West Den Haag, The Hague
26/11/2021 – 27/02/2022


Collective research

Reading Room #20
In the framework of Emptor we invite you to a collective reading and discussion of excerpts from ‘La propriété de la terre’ by Sarah Vanuxem, at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces, Brussels
17/02/2022, 16-18h



For and by artists: open discussion on tools for (international) support of artists
A public programme organised by UFO organisations in collaboration with Flanders Arts Institute. It is meant as an open discussion platform for artists and artist-centred organisations, taking place at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces (ground floor), Brussels
19/03/2022, 14-17h

Body As Proxy
Eleni Kamma is taking part in the symposium Body As Proxy organised by the BA Fine Arts department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
22/02/2022, 11:30-13:30h

Open City Journal, Issue #3
Parts 1 and 2 of an extensive dialogue between Vincent Meessen and Olivier Marboeuf, released in three parts and published every two weeks



Weird Economies
Online ‘live’ screening of Vermeir & Heiremans’ A Modest Proposal on the platform Weird Economies alongside a conversation with writer and curator Bassam El Baroni
13/02/2022, 19h – Online



Juste un Mouvement at Les Magritte du Cinéma
Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement is included in the preselections for Les Magritte du Cinéma in five categories


Collective research

Reading Room #19
During this Reading Room at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces we collectively read and discuss excerpts of Boris Groys’ ‘The Truth of Art’ (2016)
21/01/2022, 16-18h

Caveat, an artistic research on the ecology of artistic practice
Caveat is a collective research project that focuses on the legal and social-economic frameworks in which art workers operate, and the precarious conditions this generates. The project aims to redefine the contract as a tool for actively reconfiguring relations in the field, and as an instrument toward self-emancipation. Caveat is convened by Jubilee, in partnership with Open Source Publishing, No New Enemies and Été 78


Sound work

BMB con. Radio Con #3
Radio Con #3: Maas: van Eijsden tot Alex, episode 3 of a monthly radio show by BMB con., Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project, on Radio Worm
03/02/2022, 14h

Radio New Babylon
A project initiated by Justin Bennett including audio pieces by local and international artists in and around the New Babylon office and apartment complex in Den Haag
01/10/2021 – ongoing

BMB con. #14, Sudden Noise
BMB con., Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project, releases the digital album Sudden Noise


Post-Capital: A Screening
Online screening programme with a selection of works from the Mudam Collection, including Vermeir & Heiremans’ The Residence (a Wager for the afterlife) (2012)
02/10/2021 – 16/01/2022


Film festivals

Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement is part of the official selection of the following festivals in the coming months. Recently, Juste un Mouvement was awarded ‘The Prix Spécial Politique de la Ligue des Droits de l’Homme’ at the film festival for human rights in Guadeloupe: Mondes en vues, Festival International du Film des Droits Humains (FIFDH) as well as the ‘Prize for the Film About Art’ at the Brussels Art Film Festival (BAFF). For a complete overview please check the updated list of screenings and awards, and the film’s official website


16th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo
December 7-17, 2021

39th TFF, Torino
November 26-December 4, 2021 (in presence of the director)

Les Rencontres à l’échelle, Marseille
November 9-28, 2021

34th IDFA, Amsterdam
November 17-28, 2021 (in presence of the director)


Collective research

Ghent: How to Live Together
Grace Ndiritu, together with Caveat’s legal specialist, immersed herself in the history of a former monastery in Ghent and its users. The proposed sale of parts of the building has met criticism. The artist organises a series of activities at Kunsthal Gent around her research that can be seen at Kunsthal throughout this autumn and will keep growing. The aim is to find a peaceful resolution to the situation that has been building, in the framework of a Truth and Reconciliation process
07/09 – 10/12/2021



Preserving art and heritage: a question of ownership?
Reading room and discussion proposed by Jubilee within the framework of the Fair Arts Almanac session for State of the Arts (SOTA) at Kunsthal Gent
10/12/2021, 14-17h


Sound work

BMB con., Sudden Noise on Radio Worm
Sudden Noise, the first in a series of monthly radio broadcasts by BMB con.
06/12/2021, 19-20h

Op expeditie naar de luisterhorizon
An audio walk by BMB con. in Beatrixpark, Amsterdam. The printed guide will be presented at Kunstkapel, followed by a short audio performance, and a live listening exercise.
28/11/2021, 15h

The Constellation: series 2
Series 2 of the podcast series, The Constellation, started by Justin Bennett during the first lockdown and inspired by the rediscovery of a large sound archive from his past



34th Bienal de São Paulo
Vincent Meessen shows a site-specific installation version of Juste un Mouvement at the 34th Bienal de São Paulo
04/09 – 05/12/2021



Casting Call: So, You Think About Abstraction the Last Minutes Before You Die?
Eleni Kamma presents her project Casting Call in a solo exhibition at SPACE, Liège
30/10 – 04/12/2021. Opening: 29/10/2021, 18h30



Seminar & workshop at the School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices
Vincent Meessen will be leading a seminar & workshop as a guest tutor at the School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices/ Royal Danish Academy of Arts & Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium, Copenhagen



On Coloniality: a public gathering
Vermeir & Heiremans introducing their recent project 7 Walks on property and access to cultural and natural resources as one of the participants in ‘On Coloniality: a public gathering’, a proposition by a.pass participants Chloë Janssens, Amy Pickles and Túlio Rosa. Through different artistic and theoretical speculations, the gathering will study coloniality and its manifold dimensions.
11/11/2021 at KBK Gallery Brussels


Walking Projects

7 WALKS (resolution) – cabinet de lecture
With a cabinet de lecture, Vermeir & Heiremans inform and complement a series of public walks in collaboration with Musée de la Ville d’eaux in Spa. It contains archival documents and maps that situated the walks into an historical and socio-economic context
28/08 – 07/11/2021. Finissage: 14/11/2021



Documentaire sur grand écran
Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine is screened during the doc&doc evening programme Générations Hip Hop, an event organised by Documentaire sur grand écran at Forum des Halles, Paris and online

Juste un Mouvement
Screening in the presence of director Vincent Meessen, followed by a talk with film critic Djia Mambu at Bozar, Brussels
31/10/2021, 20h

Contested land and Indigenous land rights
Film programme curated by Grace Ndiritu and Caveat at Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent
25/10/2021, 20-22:30h



Drifting Studio Practice
Jubilee co-produced Drifting Studio Practice, a publication in which artist duo Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan elaborate on their collaborative film works The Episode of the Sea and Stones Have Laws. The book will be presented in a programme where artists will show Stones Have Laws, which draws us into the life of a Maroon community in former Dutch colony Surinam. The screening is followed by a conversation with Maroon ambassador and project collaborator Tolin Erwin Alexander.
Book launch: Eye Film Museum Amsterdam, 28/10/2021, 14-16h



Laetitia Gendre & BMB con. 
Residency at Q-O2 and collaboration between Laetitia Gendre & BMB con., Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project


Film festivals

Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement is part of the official selection of the following festivals in the coming months. Recently, Juste un Mouvement was awarded ‘The Prix Spécial Politique de la Ligue des Droits de l’Homme’ at the film festival for human rights in Guadeloupe: Mondes en vues, Festival International du Film des Droits Humains (FIFDH) as well as the ‘Prize for the Film About Art’ at the Brussels Art Film Festival (BAFF). For a complete overview please check the updated list of screenings and awards, and the film’s official website


24th RDIM, Montreal
November 10-21, 2021
Screening in Montreal : November 12, 9PM
Screening in Rimouski, Québec : November 16

BAFF, Brussels Art Film festival, Cinematek
November 10-14, 2021 (in presence of the director)

12th International Festival Cinemigrante, Buenos Aires
October 26-November 3, 2021

Monde En Vues, 8ème Festival International du Film des Droits Humains de Guadeloupe
October 15-22, 2021

48th Film Fest Gent
Screenings: October 15, 18, 22, 2021
Belgian Premiere

59th New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, NYC
Screenings: October 06-07, 2021

Human Rights Film Festival, Nuremberg
Screenings: October 02, 04, 06, 2021

40th VIFF, Vancouver
Screenings: October 02-03, 2021



Vermeir & Heiremans present their work A Modest Proposal in the group exhibition Infrahauntologies at Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg (D)
08/07 – 03/10/2021

The Right to Breathe/A Virtual Exhibition
Virtual group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Undercurrent, Brooklyn, NY
07/06 – 30/09/2021

Polyphonic: polyphony in image and sound
Vincent Meessen presents his installation One.Two.Three in a group exhibition centred around the diversity of voices and the effect of pluralistic sounds at Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Gera (D)
01/07 – 19/09/2021

Bye Bye His-Story, chapter 5050
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée, La Louvière
27/03 – 26/09/2021
05/09: Presentation of the catalogue Bye Bye His-Story, chapter 5050



Persona Everyware
Eleni Kamma’s Casting Call is part of the catalogue of Persona Everyware, a group show held at Le Lait art centre in Albi in 2020, published by les presses du réel

Blues Klair
Volume V of Vincent Meessen’s publication project Prospectus

OVERLAP – The no man’s land between art & science
Vermeir & Heiremans’ A Modest Proposal is included in OVERLAP – The no man’s land between art & science, a publication by De Jonge Akademie


Summer school

Building Beyond
Four-day “Summer School on Collective Strategies for Just Cities” by Permanent at Kaaistudio’s (Brussels), including a public walk by Vermeir & Heiremans
09/09 – 12/09/2021



Serendipity #3
The third edition of Serendipity with a contribution by Vincent Meessen

Bye Bye His-Story, chapter 5050
Catalogue accompanying the eponymous exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée, La Louvière.
Public launch: 05/09/2021

30 ans de festival
Vincent Meessen contributed to the publication 30 ans de festival looking back on the festival Le printemps de septembre (Toulouse). Meessen participated in Le printemps de septembre in 2016 and 2018.
Book launch: 18/09/2021


Walking Projects

Tracks public audiowalks Brussels
Guided audiowalks in Brussels, by Lukas Anthierens, Justin Bennett, Jonathan Frigeri & Eric Desjeux, Yannick Guédon, Confluences (Franziska Windisch & Giulia Vismara). Jubilee, Beursschouwburg, BNA-BBOT, Overtoon, Q-O2, and Soundtrackcity are happy to invite you to these sample walks, a foretaste of Tracks. This smartphone app for audiowalks is now in testing phase and will presented to the public soon.
28/08 & 29/08/2021


Collective research

Caveat Reading Room #16: Doing Nothing
During this Reading Room, we’ll read from Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Laziness, the Real Truth of Mankind: Work as an Instrument to reach truth; Philosophy of the socialist idea’ (1921), a text proposed by artist Katya Ev
30/08/2021, 16-18h

Caveat Reading Room #15: Rising Warmth

In this Reading Room, we gather together around Clémentine Vaultier’s research on warmth, at Heike Langsdorf’s house in Brussels
26/07/2021, 16-18h


Film festivals

Juste un Mouvement at FID Marseille
Vincent Meessen’s film Juste un Mouvement is part of the official selection of FID Marseille
19 – 25/07/2021

Juste un Mouvement at Festival Tééméri Bop Koñ
Vincent Meessen is a honorary guest of the touring festival Tééméri Bop Koñ; the African premiere of Juste un Mouvement with screenings in Dakar, Thiès, and Saint-Louis, Senegal
25/06, 30/06, 02/07/2021


Austerity and solidarity

Participation Platform ‘Working in the Arts’
From now on you can take part in this online participation process about the reform of the ‘artist status’ in Belgium
26/04 – 30/06/2021



Watou 2021
Vincent Meessen shows his installation Ultramarine at Kunstenfestival Watou, Poperinge
03/07 – 05/09/2021

Der Rattenfänger?
Group exhibition with Vincent Meessen at DuflonRacz, Brussels
09/05 – 11/07/2021



Étudiants, intellectuels et artistes étrangers et post-coloniaux en France dans les années 68
Vincent Meessen will talk about his latest film, Juste un Mouvement
26/05/2021, 14:50-15:10h

SOTA Almanac Day 6: Empowering artist-run structures
Workshop about collectivised art spaces and how they empower their members, audiences and others, at Het Bos, Antwerp
03/07/2021, 14-18h


Online archive

F.A.R. Radio Archive
Eleni Kamma’s contribution to the F.A.R. Radio programme is available in their online Archive

The Broken Archive
Eleni Kamma’s 2012 solo exhibition From Bank To Bank On A Gradual Slope at Villa Romana, Florence is part of The Broken Archive

Working with Belgium’s Colonial Past
Vincent Meessen speaks with Louisiana Channel at his studio. In the video, Meessen presents his works Ultramarine and One.Two.Three

Omar in Memoriam
Centre Pompidou recently released the recording of the 2018 panel discussion with Vincent Meessen at the occasion of the screening of his film Juste un Mouvement



Wellness – Participate, Tend and Befriend
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Kristianstads Konsthall, Sweden
Extended: 03/10/2020 – 23/05/2021

Out of the Box – From the Center of the Periphery
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Galerie Hinten, Chemnitz
17/04 – 17/05/2021

Le Déracinement
Group exhibition with Vincent Meessen at Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture, Hasselt
06/03 – 16/05/2021


Film festivals

Juste un Mouvement at Sheffield Doc Fest
Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement is part of Sheffield Doc Fest 2021
06/06/2021, 17:15 – 19:35h

Juste un Mouvement at Berlinale
Vincent Meessen’s film Juste un Mouvement is part of the official selection of the Forum of the 71st Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival
10/06/2021, 22h

Juste un Mouvement at CPH:DOX
Danish premiere of Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement at CPH:DOX 2021: RESET!, Copenhagen
21/04 – 12/05/2021



Listening in the time of Corona
Discussion with four artists who are concerned with listening to the world
11/05/2021, 19:30-21:30h


Film festival

Juste un Mouvement at Hot Docs Festival
Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement is part of this year’s programme of the Hot Docs Festival, Toronto
29/04 – 09/05/2021


World premiere

Juste un Mouvement world premiere at Berlinale
Vincent Meessen’s film Juste un Mouvement is part of the official selection of the Forum of the 71st Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival
04 – 05/03/2021: Press and market screenings, 06/2021: Physical projections in Berlin



Monoculture, a recent history
Group exhibition with existing and new work by Vincent Meessen at M HKA, Antwerp
Extended: 25/09/2020 – 25/04/2021

Learning to dwell otherwise within the ruins
Duo exhibition featuring Vermeir & Heiremans and Julia Cremers & Parallax Lab at after the butcher, exhibition space for contemporary art & social issues, Berlin
19/03 – 25/04/2021



Saisir la polyphonie / Deciphering Polyphony
In the second session of the seminar Comment exposer la polyphonie? Vincent Meessen and ethnomusicologist Simha Arom look at the subject of polyphony through the lens of their own practice
09/04/2021, 14-17h

Aesthetics of the Political: Institutional Critique #2

Samah Hijawi in conversation with Vermeir & Heiremans


Film festival

Juste un Mouvement at Ann Arbor Film Festival
North American premiere of Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement during this year’s online edition of the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival
23 – 28/03/2021, Online


Collective research

Orphans of Tar – A Speculative Opera
Caveat Online Reading Room with Julien de Smet, Vanessa Muller, Filip Van Dingenen, Stijn Van Dorpe, Julie Van Elslande, Danielle van Zuijlen, Clementine Vaultier, and Vermeir & Heiremans



Assises des Archives – Quel futur pour la mémoire ?
Vincent Meessen will participate in an online panel on the subject of archiving organised by La Direction du Patrimoine culturel et l’Association des Archivistes francophones de Belgique
25/03/2021, 14h


Film festival

Juste un Mouvement at DocLisboa
Portuguese première of Vincent Meessen’s Juste un Mouvement during this year’s online programme of DocLisboa
11 – 17/03/2021 (Portugal only)



Walking (as a Method) in Artistic Research
Online discussion featuring Justin Bennett
09/03/2021, 19:30 – 21:30h



The Corners of the Mouth
Participatory event with Samah Hijawi, Philippine Hoegen, Eleni Kamma, Gosie Vervloessem
03/03/2021, 19-21h. Online


Austerity and solidarity

How to Live and Work Today? In the Arts and Beyond
Online presentation and public debate on the improvement of social security for artists, organised by State of the Arts (SOTA)



PAM p.m. 3
Third monthly session of the informal meetings between peers from the audiovisual, sound, and media arts community
24/02/2021, 14-16h. Online


Collective research

Visitors of an Exhibition Space are Suggested to ‘Do Nothing’
A new Caveat collaboration with Katya Ev has led to a performance that will be presented this week at HISK’s laureates’ exhibition in Brussels
16/12/2020 – 31/01/2021, 14-18h



Tekenen in Lockdown
Eleni Kamma is part of Tekenen in Lockdown, a group exhibition at the S.M.A.K. Moves Pavilion, Ghent
31/10/2020 – 21/02/2021

Telepathic Traces
Group exhibition in the public space of Brussels, with Eleni Kamma
21/01 – 05/02/2021

Audiosphere – Sound Experimentation 1980-2020
Group exhibition with Justin Bennett at Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid
Extended: 14/10/2020 – 15/02/2021



Trailer Juste un Mouvement
Trailer of Vincent Meessen’s feature length film Juste un Mouvement is online now


Austerity and solidarity

COVID-19 in the cultural sector
Interview with Vincent Meessen about his experience within the task force which has advised the Minisitry of Culture of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels to take action in Covid times (in French)

Cultural policy
Recorded debates about the cultural policy of the Flemish Community (in Dutch): De kunsten in het nieuw Vlaams cultureel regiem (23 July) and De toekomst van het kunstendecreet (8 September)



PAM p.m. 2
Second monthy session of the informal meetings between peers from the audiovisual, sound, and media arts community. Organised by Jubilee and Escautville
20/01/2021, 14-16h. Online



NAK Benefit Auction 2020
Eleni Kamma will be participating in this year’s online edition of the NAK Benefit Auction
30/11 – 20/12/2020


Educational Programme

Ultramarine by Vincent Meessen is part of the programme of the inset day of the Academy of Borgerhout



PAM P.M. 1
First online session of the monthly informal meetings between peers from the audiovisual, sound, and media arts community
02/12/2020, 15-17h



Secret Garden
Reworking of Justin Bennett’s interactive audio walk from 2015, part of Mind Your Step, a group exhibition about the art of walking, Amsterdam
04/10 – 29/11/2020




Making Matters Symposium 2020
Eleni Kamma participates in the second edition of the Making Matters Symposium at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam – and online
20 – 21/11/2020



Limburg Biënnale
Eleni Kamma takes part in the 1st Limburg Biennial at Marres – House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht
05/09 – 15/11/2020

Dystopia Festival
Sound art festival with a work by Justin Bennett at Alte Münze, Berlin
16/10/2020 – 01/11/2020


Book presentation

The Orphans of Tar – A Speculative Opera
Online book presentation & shared reading session with Vermeir & Heiremans and Julien de Smet, Heike Langsdorf, Vanessa Müller, Filip Van Dingenen, Stijn Van Dorpe, Clémentine Vaultier and Danielle van Zuijlen
23/10/2020, 20h


Video on demand

Quelle que soit la longueur de la nuit
Arte broadcasts Vincent Meessen’s new film Quelle que soit la longueur de la nuit, the second instalment of this project of a feature length “film in progress of making itself”
Until 15/10/2020


Austerity and solidarity

De toekomst van het kunstendecreet
Katleen Vermeir takes part in a debate about the future of the Flemish Arts Decree at KVS Box, Brussels (in Dutch)
08/09/2020, 19h

Call for Questions
In the light of the global pandemic, Platform for Audiovisual and Media Arts (Belgium) would like to map and exchange about the redefinitions, evaluations and configurations within the field by way of questioning.

De kunsten in het nieuw Vlaams cultureel regiem
Panel talk about recent developments in the cultural policy of the Flemish Community, featuring Katleen Vermeir (Vermeir & Heiremans). Language: Dutch
23/07/2020, 14-17h



Listening to Europe
Performance by Justin Bennett during European Reflections at The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague
10/10/2020, 19:30 and 21:30

Street language
Eleni Kamma’s work is part of a performance tour by Joep Vossebeld, Maastricht
10 & 11/10/2020



Van wie is het water? Aan wie behoort de kunst?
A walk by artist duo Vermeir & Heiremans in collaboration with Jan Dirk Baetens, in the context of heritage festival Alles es just, Schaarbeek, Brussels (in Dutch)
03/10/2020, 14-17h

Central Imaginary District
A new chance to experience Justin Bennett’s Central Imaginary District, a site-specific audio walk for Rewire, in The Hague during the Architecture Days

Who owns the water? To whom does art belong?
Four public walks through Brussels’ Maalbeek valley by Vermeir & Heiremans and legal philosopher Luke Mason.
12/09 & 19/09/2020 (new dates for Walk 3 and Walk 4)



Casting Call: Parade Agora
A performative and discursive event with Eleni Kamma at Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Due to the corona pandemic, this event will take a different form than foreseen. Unfortunately, it is no longer in public space, and no longer publicly accessible.



7 Walks (Revisiting Ernest Gambart)
Online presentation by Vermeir & Heiremans and legal philosopher Luke Mason at the 12th Annual Critical Finance Studies Conference
27 – 28/08/2020



radio in between spaces #09 – Jacob Kirkegaard / Justin Bennett
Online broadcast for ‘radio in between spaces’, a platform for sound art, where Justin Bennett discusses and plays from his project Shotgun Architecture and where Jacob Kirkegaard speaks about his work
09/07/2020, 19-21:15h



The City after Lockdown: a European love letter to our public spaces after quarantine
Online workshop on sensitive urbanism by Magda Maaoui and Rocio Calzado-Lopez
29/06/2020, 19-20:30h


Austerity and solidarity

The arts and civic society threatened by the Flemish Government’s austerity measures
Jubilee’s open letter about the budget cuts implemented by the Flemish Government, published by L’internationale

International solidarity
International organisations have expressed their concern about the austerity measures in Belgium, while Jubilee stands in solidarity with actions taking place abroad


Collective research

Caveat Home Reading: New Ecotones of Collaboration
OSP published five new interviews in their Caveat series Ecotones of Collaboration. The interviewed designers are Atelier Brenda, D-E-A-L, Loraine Furter, Monica Gomes (la Balsamine) and Transquinquennal



Persona Everyware
Group show with Eleni Kamma at centre d’art Le Lait, Albi (FR)
Until 20/09/2020

History Without a Past
Duo exhibition by Samson Kambalu & Vincent Meessen at Mu.ZEE, Ostend
01/02 – 17/05/2020. Extended until 30/08! Reopening: Tuesday 19/05

Casting Call: How does a European politician save a refugee from drowning?
Solo exhibition by Eleni Kamma at the ACPA exhibition space in Leiden (NL)
17/02/2020 – 15/05/2020. Extended until 12/06



Eleni Kamma presents her ongoing research in the first edition of TALKS, a series of meetings organised by Center for Artistic Sensibilities
31/05/2020, 19:30 – 21h



Art is always public: an artist’s film each week
Georgofili by Eleni Kamma is part of Villa Romana’s online film programme


Sound work

The Constellation
Justin Bennett released a new podcast series to keep himself off the streets and out of trouble in times of confinement

BMB con. #13 At Eve
BMB con., Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project, releases the album At Eve with the video at the studio



Tip of the Tongue
Mousse Magazine 71 features “a chain of references, a ‘tip of the tongue’ between successors of the same ‘game.'” Deanna Bowen writes about Vincent Meessen, Vincent Meessen writes about Agency.

Brushing History against the Grain
Mousse Magazine features a conversation between Karima Boudou, Samson Kambalu and Vincent Meessen on the occasion of the duo exhibition History Without A Past, currently on view at Mu.ZEE, Ostend

The Orphans of Tar – A Speculative Opera
Publication co-authored by Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans. Book launch by PILOOT/KASK school of arts HoGent, hosted by Kunsthal Gent (postponed)


Video archive

Video archive: Jubilee Home Cinema
Due to COVID-19 measures many activities have been put on hold. Jubilee shares a number of video works by its artists to complement your home cinema programme. Freely accessible during the month of April 2020


Austerity and solidarity

…—… S.O.S. SOUND WAVE …—…
Let’s sing our sense of urgency together! S.O.S.: short (3) long (3) short (3) (pause)
Justin Bennett created this SOS: foghorn + Tibetan cymbals



E2N Archives Actives
To celebrate its 35th birthday, Espace 251 Nord shares its history with a book, featuring works by Vermeir & Heiremans and Vincent Meessen

Folklores and Other Works
Artist book by Patricia Esquivias with an essay by Vincent Meessen



7 Walks: From Albisola to Læsø
Invited by f.eks, Vermeir & Heiremans initiate a series of public moments in collaboration with legal philosopher Luke Mason at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg and the Asger Jorn House on Læsø, Denmark
05 – 19/02/2020



Jasper Rigole & Gustav Deutsch
Cinema OffOFF invited Jasper Rigole to screen two of his own film. The week after Rigole shows Film Ist. as an homage to Gustav Deutsch. Both programmes take place at Kunsthal Gent
17/02 and 24/02/2020, 20h

Sonic Acts Academy 2020
Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine is part of the Sonic Acts Academy programme of 2020 and will be screened at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam
21 – 23/02/2020


Collective research

Caveat with Sofia Caesar and Stijn Van Dorpe
What does it mean to work as an artist? Caveat invites Sofia Caesar and Stijn Van Dorpe to share their experiences and practices. At Enter Through the Void, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Kunsthal Gent
14/02/2020, 15-17h

Agency: Assembly (CAVEAT)
In collaboration with Caveat, Agency convenes a gathering of ‘concerned’ at Justitiepaleis/Palais de justice, Brussels
13/02/2020, 18-20h



Video Bar: Bie Michels
Screening of Vincent Meessen’s The Invisible Parliament (2006) during Video Bar: Bie Michels, a discursive film event at Argos, Brussels
05/02/2020, 19-21h



Potion Cinema 2: Emma van der Put
Evening programme with screenings, listening sessions, and discursive interventions, including Justin Bennett’s Shotgun Architecture at Dagvorm Cinema, Brussels



La Semaine du Son/De Week van de Klank
Justin Bennett shows his installation Multiplicity at MIM (Musical Instruments Museum) in Brussels during the 10th edition of La Semaine du Son/De Week van de Klank
28/01 – 02/02/2020


Collective research

Caveat Reading Room #13: Commons or commoning?
Collective reading and discussion of excerpts of a reflection and discussion between Serge Gutwirth and Isabelle Stengers, on The Law and the Commons (2016)
24/01/2020, 18-20h



Dear Adviser at NOMA
Screening of Vincent Meessen’s Dear Adviser at New Orleans Museum of Art in a film series curated by Maaike Gouwenberg
11/01/2020, 14h






a.O. – b.c. An audiovisual diary
Group show with Eleni Kamma at State of Concept, Athens, and Athens School of Fine Arts
07/12/2019 – 01/02/2020



Chicago Architecture Biennial
Vincent Meessen participates in …and other such stories, the 3rd Chicago Architecture Biennial
19/09/2019 – 05/01/2020



Blues Klair
Solo exhibition by Vincent Meessen at The Power Plant, Toronto, featuring an extensive side programme
21/09/2019 – 05/01/2020

Shotgun Architecture
Sound installation by Justin Bennett, played through a parabolic loudspeaker at Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen (NO)
20/09 – 08/12/2019

I See That I See What You Don’t See
With his collaborative project BMB con., Justin Bennett presents a multichannel composition in the Dutch contribution to the XXII Triennale di Milano
12/10 – 29/12/2019

Europalia Romania: Displacement and Togetherness
Vincent Meessen is part of the group exhibition Displacement and Togetherness at Cc Strombeek
18/10 – 12/12/2019

Group exhibition and publication of a research project featuring the artistic practice of Jasper Rigole at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.
06 – 19/12/2019


Collective research

Caveat Reading Room #12: Is it simply a conversation?
Collective reading and discussion of excerpts of the reflections written by Caveat ‘dramaturgs’ Steyn Bergs and Luke Mason
16/12/2019 18-20h



7 Walks (a reenactment in Spa): Researching sustainable practices through art & law
Vermeir & Heiremans present their new research project 7 Walks (a reenactment in Spa) together with Luke Mason during Intersections of Finance and Society 2019, London.
12/12/2019, 13-14:45h



C12 x ARGOS = 30
Club night on the occasion of Argos’ 30th birthday with a screening by Justin Bennett at C12, Brussels
07/12 — 08/12/2019, 23-08h



Art Machines
Audiovisual performance by Joost Rekveld & BMB con (Justin Bennett’s collaborative performance project) at Art Machines, Utrecht.


Audio walk

Central Imaginary District
Second chance to experience Justin Bennett’s Central Imaginary District, a site-specific audio piece for Rewire, in The Hague
07/12/2019, 13-14h


Collective research

Solo exhibition by Sofia Caesar at Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro. A project in the framework of Caveat
07/10/2019 – 30/11/2019



Sonic West: Collective urbanism through a multiplicity of listening
Justin Bennett has organised a symposium for Sonic West titled Collective urbanism through a multiplicity of listening
21/11/2019, 17:30h



Lubumbashi Biennale
Vincent Meessen participates in the biennial’s sixth edition, Future Genealogies, Tales From The Equatorial Line
24/10 – 24/11/2019


Collective research

Caveat Reading Room #11: Ecotones of Collaboration & Caveatwebsite launch
Caveat presents a double programme hosted by OSP: a Reading Room on their research, followed by the festive public presentation of the Caveat website
13/11/2019, 18-20:30h


The Image and Its Image
Screening of Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine during The Image and Its Image, a series of screenings curated by George Clark as part of the annual NFKS Film Festival, Lofoten (NO).
16/10/2019, 10h



Arte, magia & capitalismo
Programme dedicated to art and capital. Vermeir & Heiremans present their film Masquerade and participate in a round table at Carico Massimo, Livorno
25 – 26/10/2019


Collective research

Curating is Writing the Future. A Portrait
Solo exhibition by Stijn Van Dorpe at Eté 78, Brussels. A project in the framework of Caveat
28/09 – 27/10/2019

EFAP kick-off meeting in CA2M, Madrid
EFAP, the European Forum for Advanced Practices, will be launched in a kick-off meeting in CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid from 10 to 13 October, 2019. The Thursday and Friday evening programme is open for the public.
10-11/10/2019, 18-22h



ACPA Conference 2019
Eleni Kamma and Justin Bennett both present in a conference on the notion of the ‘public’ in artistic research
10 – 11/10/2019

Artist talk
Eleni Kamma will be giving an artist talk at LUCA School of Arts in the context of a lecture series organised by the Fine Arts Department of LUCA, Brussels
03/10/2019, 17h


Collective research

Caveat Reading Room #10
Collective reading and discussion of fragments from Contract & Contagion, from Biopolitics to Oikonomia (2012), a book by Angela Mitropoulos
27/09/2019, 18-20h



The second issue of the journal by art/recherche, the organization for artistic research in art education, features an interview with Vermeir & Heiremans on their recent work A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box).



Eleni Kamma and others participating in the Art Inside Out residency present an evening with a film screening, performance and sound installation. Various locations in Varberg, Sweden
08/09/2019, from 17:45h

With his collaborative project BMB Con. and Joost Rekveld, Justin Bennett performs #2623 at arts festival Into the Great Wide Open, Vlieland (NL)
30 & 31/08/2019, 17h



Egenomsorg, Parrhesia, Public Secrets Och Friktion
Eleni Kamma and others participating in the Art Inside Out residency present their artistic processes and work at Skogen, Göteborg
04/09/2019, 19-21h

A Modest Proposal
Vermeir & Heiremans are participating in the 11th Critical Finance Studies Conference at the University of Birmingham with a lecture and a screening of A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box).
07 – 09/08/2019

An evening with Eleni Kamma
Eleni Kamma will be giving an artist talk and presenting some of her works at Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem.
15/08/2019, 19:30-21:30h

Justin Bennett will give a talk on sonic interventions in public space and participate in a group exhibition at RE:SOUND 2019, the 8th International Conference for Histories of Media Arts in Aalborg.
19/08/2019, 19h



A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box)
Vermeir & Heiremans show A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box) on the opening night of the 2019 Berlin Programme of Rencontres Internationales.
20/08/2019, 19:30 & 21:30h



Ultramarine by Vincent Meessen was selected for the FIDMarseille, Marseille International Film Festival and will be screened at various points throughout the festival’s programme.
11 – 13/07/2019

Vita Nova
Vincent Meessen’s Vita Nova will be shown during day two of the colloquium UN ENJEU DE MASSE: de la diffusion de la photographie à la gestion des archives, organised by l’Institut pour la photographie and co-produced with Les Rencontres d’Arles.
03/07/2019, 15-17h


Collective Research

Weaving agreements
Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin propose a collective research into weaving. They approach weaving as a means to record a conversational collective agreement. Together with Caveat, Allee du Kaai, and passers-by, the artists will collectively ‘weave an agreement’ that links their research to Caveat.
24 – 28/06/2019, 14-17h

Caveat Reading Room #9
Collective reading and discussion of fragments from Zeros + Ones: Digital Women and the New Technoculture (1998), a book by Sadie Plant. The text is selected by Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin.
26/06/2019, 18h


Book presentation

The art of equity / The equity of art
Lecture by Luke Mason in context of the presentation of Vermeir & Heiremans’ publication A Modest Proposal
WIELS Contemporary art centre, Brussels
21/06/2019, 18:30h


Collective Research

Artist Placement. Caveat at Argos
Two-day programme around the current search for new organisational models, production schemes, and hybrid forms of organization in the art world. The programme takes as a starting point the Artist Placement Group (APG), a milestone in Conceptual Art in Britain, to address the resurgent interest in reinventing the means of making and disseminating art.
Argos, Centre for Media Art, Brussels
03 & 04/06/2019



Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine is screened during an evening of award-winning films at EMAF 2019

Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine is part of the International Competition, Unfolding the Past, of the Videoex Festival
28 & 31/05/2019



Curved Arrows
Georgofili, a film by Eleni Kamma, will be shown in the group exhibition Curved Arrows at Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna
01 – 28/05/2019


Collective Research

Caveat Reading Room #8
Collective reading and discussion of texts about Artist Placement Group (APG) with Scott William Raby
Jubilee, Brussels



Vincent Meessen’s carte blanche in the framework of Sweet 16, a collaboration between Cinematek and Kanal-Centre Pompidou.
Films screened: Marcel Blistène, Bibi Fricotin, 1951, and Marcel Broodthaers, Le Musée et la Discussion, 1969
Kanal-Centre Pompidou, Brussels
18/05/2019, 19h



Transformations of the Audible
The symposium Transformations of the Audible features interventions by two Jubilee artists, Justin Bennett and Eleni Kamma
KABK Auditorium, The Hague
18/05/2019, 14:15-16:30h


Edited book

Elective Affinities 5
The fifth edition of Elective Affinities, a collaboration between the artists Jasper Rigole and Ria Verhaeghe created at the state archive in Bruges, will be presented at Ghent Art Book Fair.
11 – 12/05/2019


Audio walk

Multiplicity – a spectral analysis of Brussels
Audio walk by Justin Bennett in the context of the Oscillation Festival, Brussels
25/04 – 05/05/2019



Ultramarine at the EMAF, Osnabrück
Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine, wins the Dialogue Award 2019 at the European Media Art Forum (EMAF), Osnabrück (DE).



Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine will be screened at the European Media Art Festival no. 32.
EMAF, Osnabrück (DE)


Job opportunity

Managing director
Preferably trilingual (NL, EN, FR), the managing director will coordinate Jubilee’s structural operation and projects, in cooperation with a small team and the collective artistic direction.


Collective research

Caveat Reading Room #7
Collective reading of “As If” We Came Together to Care by the artist Andrea Fraser, reflecting on hospitality in the context of artist residencies. Hosted by No New Enemies
Penthouse Art Residency, Brussels



Vincent Meessen’s One.Two.Three will be screened at the Rencontres Internationales Corps-Objet-Image
TJP Centre Dramatique National, Strasbourg
08 – 13/04/2019


Première & concert

Ultramarine & Kain the Poet
Belgian première of Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine and a concert by a trio featuring Kain the Poet
Courtisane Festival, Ghent
06/04/2019, 20h



Vita Nova
Vincent Meessen’s Vita Nova will be screened during Komplexe Bilder 2: Koloniale Spuren und Erinnerung, the second edition of the Kunst und Film: Komplexe Bilder programme
Kino Rex, Bern


Audio walk

Central Imaginary District
Justin Bennett’s Central Imaginary District, a site-specific audio piece is part of the Rewire Festival programme in The Hague
30/03 – 31/03/2019


Reading Room

Caveat Reading Room #6
Collective reading and discussion of various texts by Hélio Oiticica. They are selected by Sofia Caesar, one of the artists at the core of Caveat‘s collective research. Copies will be available.
Location: SB34-the pool, 34 rue St. Bernardusstraat, 1060 Brussels
22/03/2019, 16-18h



A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box)

Vermeir & Heiremans’ A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box) will be screened at the Paris edition of the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin festival of moving image
05/03/2019, 21h

Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains 
Justin Bennett’s Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains will be part of the video library of the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin festival of moving image
05 – 10/03/2019


Reading room

Caveat Reading Room #5
Collective reading and discussion of ‘The logic of the collection’, a text by Boris Groys
21/02/2019, 16-18h


Film programme

Jubilee at Dazibao
Film programme featuring works by each of Jubilee’s artists at Dazibao, Montreal
07/02 – 05/04/2019


Film festival


World premiere screening of Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine in the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam
25, 26, 29/01/2019



Dock / Ancien Palais de Justice
Sound installation and listening space by Paul Devens with Justin Bennett at Les Brasseurs art contemporain, Liège
12/01 – 07/02/2019



Symbiotic Solaris Stations

A performance by The October Collective with Justin Bennett at the Kunstkapel, Amsterdam
12/01/2019, 20h


Jubilee has moved

New spaces
As of January 2019, Jubilee has settled on the 6th floor of the former Actiris building in the heart of Brussels.






Online exhibition

Vincent Meessen’s work on Oral Site examines the transnational destiny of the official Belgian motto “Eendracht maakt macht/L’union fait la force”


Audio work

Justin Bennett releases two new collections of audio works: BXL_FLT (2017-2018) and SITE 2 (2011-2018)



The Flemish Community has acquired Vincent Meessen’s audiovisual installation One.Two.Three. The work, featuring a contemporary interpretation of a May 68 chant written by the Congolese Situationist Joseph Mbelolo ya Mpiku, was created for the Belgian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015).
One.Two.Three will be hosted by Mu.ZEE, museum for modern and contemporary art in Ostend. Since 2014, the museum has a programme with specific interest in the relationship between occidental modern art and art from the Congo, former Belgian colony, in the context of which the exhibition A conversation between collections from Kinshasa and Ostend was on view at Mu.ZEE recently.



Sittard, wat verbeeld jij je?

Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Museum Hedendaagse Kunst De Domijnen, Sittard
16/12/2018 – 29/01/2019




Benefit auction with Eleni Kamma at NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein
09/12 – 13/12/2018: exhibition, guided tours
Auction on 15 December 2018



Masquerade at Flat Time House

Film screening and In-Conversation with Vermeir & Heiremans
Flat Time House, London
14/12/2018, 18:30-21h



Futures of finance and society

Conference panel ‘Aesthetics of finance’ with Vermeir & Heiremans at the University of Edinburgh
07/12/2018, 13:30-15h



Artist talk

Artist talk by Vincent Meessen at Kanal, Brussels
03/12/2018, 18h



Symbiotic Solaris Stations

Performance with Justin Bennett at Kunstkapel, Amsterdam
01/12/2018, 20h



Blues Klair
Solo exhibition by Vincent Meessen including a side programme with screenings, talks, visits, and performances. Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal
17/11/2018 – 23/02/2019




Performance by Eleni Kamma with Shila Anaraki at Playground Festival, Leuven
17 – 19/11/2018, 16-16:30h



The single channel version of Vincent Meessen’s Ultramarine (2018) is shown as part of the 12th Shanghai Biennale curated by Cuauhtémoc Medina
10/11/2018 – 10/03/2019



An evening devoted to art and politics, in play and in earnest

Round table with Vincent Meessen in the context of the exhibition The Most Dangerous Game: The Situationist International en route to May ’68 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
09/11/2018, 18h



Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento

Curated screening programme that Argos, centre for art and media (Brussels) presents at BIM – Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, with Vincent Meessen’s Vita Nova (2009).
Buenos Aires
04/11/2018, 14-17h


Research event

Publishing & Performing Relationships. Caveat at Bâtard Festival

Each day during Bâtard festival, an artist will present a proposal as a sharing ground for thoughts, discussions, and reflections on authorship, value, economy, distribution, participation…

With: Eva Barto, Sofia Caesar, Loraine Furter & Laurie Charles, Ben Kinmont, franck leibovici, Eric Schrijver

Within Caveat, OSP is rewriting the document it uses as collaboration agreement, and proposing a visual translation. During the Bâtard festival, OSP invites artists and designers to contribute a description and interpretation of their own contract or conditions as to develop a language of practices.

Bâtard Festival
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
30/10 – 03/11/2018, 17:30h unless noted otherwise



A Modest Proposal Symposium

As part of A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box) Vermeir & Heiremans in collaboration with Pump House Gallery present a symposium questioning whether values – both cultural and monetary – originating from public goods should be claimed for the benefit of specific stakeholders, or redistributed through a political process.

Royal College of Art, London
27/10/2018, 10-18h



Congo in Harlem

Screening of Vincent Meessen’s One.Two.Three (2015) at ‘Congo in Harlem’, an annual series of films, panel discussions, performances, and special events focused on the history, politics, and culture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Maysles Cinema, New York
20/10/2018, 13h




Lecture by Vermeir & Heiremans in the context of their contribution to The Atlantic Project, on their current research project A Modest Proposal.

Council House, Plymouth
19/10/2018, 18:30-20h



Punch Line (Language)

Performance by Eleni Kamma with Margo van de Linde at ‘How do we establish, sustain and nourish a vital research culture in the arts?’, artistic research conference-festival of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.

Het Leidse Volkshuis, Apothekersdijk 33A, Leiden
18/10/2018, 20h


Reading Room

CAVEAT!!! Reading Room #4

Collective reading and discussion of ‘Permanent Performance’, a text by Dieter Lesage

25th floor of WTC I, common room
12/10/2018, 16-17:30h


Book & record launch

The Other Country + OK JAZZ / KO JAZZ

Double launch with listening session and conversation between Vincent Meessen (artist), Emiliano Battista (philosopher and translator) and Pierre Huyghebaert (graphic designer and typographer).

WIELS, Brussels
10/10/2018, 18:30-20h



A Modest Proposal (in a Black Box)

Solo exhibition by Vermeir & Heiremans at Pump House Gallery, London
03/10 – 16/12/2018



The Atlantic Project

Festival of contemporary art with presentation by Vermeir & Heiremans. In this exhibition, Vermeir & Heiremans show various works that reflect on globalisation, gentrification and the history of finance in relation to the historic maritime port of Plymouth.

Civic Centre, Plymouth
28/09 – 21/10/2018



Printemps de septembre

Contemporary arts festival with Ultramarine, a solo presentation by Vincent Meessen featuring the eponymous new Jubilee film production starring Kain the Poet and Lander Gyselinck, within an immersive sculptural installation developed in collaboration with textile designer Diane Steverlynck.

Printemps de septembre, Toulouse
21/09 – 21/10/2018



Critical Convergence

Programme ‘Critical Convergence: Greek Contemporary Artists in dialogue with the (recent) past’ with screening of Eleni Kamma’s Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia (2015). Part of DRHA (Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts) conference.

Spazju Kreattiv Cinema, Valletta, Malta
10/09/2018, 16h



Science of Sound

Group exhibition with a presentation of six of Justin Bennett’s audiovisual works, spanning 28 years, at Dordtyard, Dordrecht
01/09 – 07/10/2018
Opening on 1 September, 15h


Research event


State Of The Arts (SOTA) invites CAVEAT!!! to take part in its first annual camp on fair practice. CAVEAT!!! will be present with its 3rd Reading Room, a lecture-performance by Vermeir & Heiremans, a presentation by Louis Volont, and a discussion.

Allée du Kaai, Brussels
01/09/2018, 14-17h


Reading room

Paroikeo III

A presentation of editorial projects by Woodstone Kugelblitz with Eleni Kamma’s Paroikeo III

Banierstraat 62B, Rotterdam
23/06 – 01/07/2018
Opening on 23 June 2018, 15h



An Exercise on Values

Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Haus N, Athens
21/06 – 17/07/2018


Book presentation

Somewhere in between

Presentation of In-Residence Magazine and In-Residence Magazine #02 by Vermeir & Heiremans at Bozar, Brussels
20/06 – 19/08/2018
Opening on 19 June 2018




Vincent Meessen’s film One.Two.Three (2016) will be screened at Videoex festival (Zürich, CH)



Omar in Memoriam

Screening, round table discussion, book launch
Unique large screen film screening of Juste un Mouvement (2018)
Round table discussion with Catherine David (Deputy Director of Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris and curator of Omar in May), Dialo Blondin Diop, and Vincent Meessen
Book launch The Other Country/L’autre pays



50 Years after 50 Years of the Bauhaus 1968

Group exhibition with Vincent Meessen at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
05/05 – 23/09/2018



Geological Imagination

Duo exhibition with Justin Bennett and Cecilia Jonsson at Terminal B, Kirkenes (NO)
05/05 – 02/06/2018
Opening with artist talk on 4 May 2018



Art Inside Out
Eleni Kamma will be participating in the residency on ‘Self-care Then and Now’ in Varberg (Sweden), a programme organised by Art Inside Out with a frequently updated digital journal.
29/04 – 08/09/2019



Mystic Properties Conversations

A conversation between Vermeir & Heiremans and Hampus Lindwall (collector & composer) about Art House Index – a mysterious blend of art and real estate the artists created for living, working, and fictional speculating (talk in English)
Hôtel de la Poste (Talks room), Tour & Taxis, Brussels
21/04/2018, 13-15h



Mystic Properties

Group exhibition with Vermeir & Heiremans at Hotel de la Poste, Art Brussels
19 – 22/04/2018
Thursday 19 April, 17-22h: Opening
Saturday 21 April, 13-15h: Mystic Properties Conversations



Omar en mai

Solo exhibition by Vincent Meessen at Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Friday 11 May, 17h30: Omar in Memoriam. Book presentation of The Other Country, with round table conversation and large screen film screening of Juste un Mouvement (2018).
28/03 – 28/05/2018



Rag to Rich

Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at ACG Art Gallery, Athens. Organized by Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts
20/03 – 24/04/2018
Opening on 20 March 2018, 18h



Nouvelles Textualités

Le livre entre déconstruction et reconstruction
Seminar featuring Prospectus, Vincent Meessen’s publication project.
La Cambre, Brussels
20/03/2018, 9-18h



The Selfie-Junkie, The Fool, The Animal, The Glossary, The Angry, The Collector Of Proverbs, And So On

Solo exhibition by Eleni Kamma at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels
The exhibition will be extended into Art Brussels: also open on 18, 19, 20 April, and by appointment
16 – 30/03/2018




Lecture-performance by Vermeir & Heiremans at Glassyard Gallery, Budapest
Closing event of the group exhibition Pigment: Zones of Visibility



Crisis, Art and Political Activism

Workshop and lecture by Vermeir & Heiremans at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest. Organized by Agnes Gagyi and Márton Szarvas.




Talks, films, performances by Marinus Boezem, Merel Bem, Gershwin Bonevacia, Manon de Boer, Ruben Jacobs, Justin Bennett and others, at Compagnie Theater, Amsterdam
With a talk / screening by Justin Bennett, around a fragment of Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains.
08/03/2018, 20h



Stopping Point

Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
Daily Lazy Projects, Athens
21/02 – 10/03/2018



Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains

Audio-visual installation by Justin Bennett at Artefact Festival 2018, This Rare Earth – Stories From Below – STUK, Leuven
Opening on 13 February 2018, 19:30h



Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains

Sauna Session screening by Justin Bennett at SALT Árdna, Oslo, Norway
Part of the Spring Programme “SALT ART: Selected from Dark Ecology”
08/02/2018, 20:15h



Pigment: Zones of Visibility

Group exhibition with Vermeir & Heiremans at Glassyard Gallery, Budapest.
On 10 March: lecture-performance Masquerade by Vermeir & Heiremans
06/02 – 10/03/2018
Opening on 6 February 2018



Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains

Screening by Justin Bennett at Inversia Festival, Murmansk, Russia
03/02/2018, 16h30



Connecting Artists Across Borders

Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at SPACE Collection, Maastricht
02/02 – 25/05/2018
Opening on 2 February 2018, 17h


Artist talk

L’adresse du Printemps

Vincent Meessen speaks with Évelyne Toussaint about his work. His new project Ultramarine will premiere at Printemps de septembre (Toulouse, September-October 2018).
L’Adresse du Printemps, 2 quai de la Daurade, 31000 Toulouse



First RITCS Arts & Politics Symposium

Symposium with Vermeir & Heiremans at Cinema RITCS, Brussels
On January 11th:
15:30-16:30h Artists’ presentation Vermeir & Heiremans
16:30-17:30h Conversation with Florian Wüst and Andreas Sieckmann, moderated by Lieven De Cauter
19:30-22h Screening of Masquerade and public discussion moderated by Wouter Hessels







Vincent Meessen talks with SON[I]A about journeys, uprisings, and metaphors, about work cooperatives, music groups and constructed scenarios, about the politics of making versus the politics of showing, and about how to revivify lost or dying colonial memories in the present.
SON[I]A is the longest standing emission of the radio programme at MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona



New Acquisitions of the EMST Collection
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma. A presentation of 39 acquisitions (2014-2017) by The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST). Kamma participates with the two channel HD video installation Play it, Emin: Walking along the Russian Monument at Ayastefanos, which was shown in her solo exhibition Oh, for some more Amusement! at Netwerk Aalst (BE, 2015).
EMST, Athens
27/11/2017 – 28/01/2018


All You Need Is The Lavatory

Group exhibition with 17 artists including Jasper Rigole. Each artist participates as host of one of the other artists and is likewise guest of one of the other artists: Antoine Van Impe, Bart Lodewijks, Bob Van De Putte, Colette Broeckaert, Evelyne Van Overbeke, Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier, Jan Op De Beeck, Jasper Rigole, Kasper Andreasen, Kasper Bosmans, Liesbeth Henderickx, Lore Smolders, Nikolaas Demoen, Ode De Kort, Oona Libens, Sébastien Conard, Veerle Beckers.
Croxhapox, Ghent
26/11 – 31/12/2017


Woodstone Kugelblitz Take Over
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
Sign, Groningen (NL)
5/10 – 15/10/2017


Dwell, Act, Transform
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma, curators Anke Coumans and Andrea Stultiens
Minerva Academie, Groningen (NL)
01/11 – 20/11/ 2017


The State of Things 2017
Group exhibition with Justin Bennett
Justin Bennett shows a selection of work-in-progress from his ongoing residency at Overtoon.The State of Things exhibition finishes on Sunday, but there’s a finissage with concert on Monday 16th October.
iMal, Brussels
14/09 – 15/10/2017
Concerts by Justin Bennett, Floris Vanhoof & Kraus on 16 September, 20h
Read more about the finissage


Multiplicity – listening to Brussels
Solo exhibition by Justin Bennett. A presentation of research undertaken during his ongoing residency at Overtoon, Brussels, investigating the acoustic territories of Brussels making audio recordings, drawings and sculptures.
Stroom Den Haag (The Hague, NL)
11/11/2017 – 07/01/2018


COM nu TIES seuils/drempels/thresholds

Group exhibition with films by Justin Bennett and Vincent Meessen at Argos (Brussels), with a film programme at ISELP (Brussels)
23/09 – 17/12/2017


Terra Mediterranea: In Action

An exhibition of contemporary art, a conference and a series of parallel actions
Group show with Eleni Kamma’s film Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia (2015).

NiMAC, Nicosia (CY)
07/04 – 29/07 & 05/09 – 25/11/2017



Intersections of Finance and Society

Conference with the panel THE FINANCIAL GAZE moderated by Vermeir & Heiremans

2 – 3/11/2017
City University of London
THE FINANCIAL GAZE will be presented on Friday 3 November, 13-14.45h



The Researcher’s position. Undisciplined Crossings: arts and social sciences

Interdisciplinary encounters with Vincent Meessen. Other participants include: Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Lotte Arndt, Vanessa Brito,Quentin Deluermoz & Pierre Singaravélou, Kapawani Kiwanga, Uriel Orlow, Boris Pétric, Marie Voignier, and others

8/11 – 10/11/2017
Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem), Marseille



Metamorphosis of Labour: Social Identity, Mobilization, Integration, Representation

Conference on Law and Labor

Steyn Bergs and Ronny Heiremans will present CAVEAT!!! on 9 November at the European Economic and Social Committee

9 – 11 November, 13.45-14.15h
EESC, Brussels


Future Climates #2

Graduating to Numbers
(or How Grass-Root Organizations Intervene in Financial Affairs)

A symposium with Antonia Alampi, iLiana Fokianaki, Victoria Ivanova, Vermeir & Heiremans, and video contributions by Giulia Palomba, Galit Eilat and W.A.G.E.

Future Climates, State of Concept and KADIST come together to organize a day of presentations and discussions at KADIST.

KADIST (Paris), 23 November 2017, 17:30-22h


Film festival

L’Âge d’Or Festival

With Vincent Meessen as President of the Jury

Cinematek (Brussels)


In the context of his exhibition and film retrospective, Johan Grimonprez will speak with Vincent Meessen about the relevance of his seminal video piece dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, made 20 years ago and remembered as one of the highlights of Documenta X.

21/10/2017 at 1 PM




Theatre performance by Compagnie de KOE, De Nwe Tijd, and Staatstheater Mainz, with scenography by Jasper Rigole.

Premiere: Staatstheater Mainz (DE), 12 October 2017
Forsterhuberheyne will be touring in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium in 2017 and 2018.


Instruments Make Play

Performance by Justin Bennett and BMB con. at the Kunstenlab Deventer (NL) in the city’s harbour in the context of a joint residency during the Instruments Make Play festival.

BMB con. will explore the possibilities of the harbour as a “stage” for a water-based performance, and the harbour as an acoustic instrument in itself.

08/12/2017, 20-22h



Theatre piece written and directed by Poa-Yio, with a performance by Eleni Kamma, Philipe Cabane, Kostis Stafylakis, Helmut Kuhn and Poka-Yio.

In the context of the festival CULTURESCAPES Griechenland, part of a European tour (2016-present).

Tuesday, 21 November, 20h
Kaserne, Basel (CH)



DoucheFLUX Auction

Auction with Vincent Meessen for the benefit of DoucheFLUX, a Brussels-based organisation that facilitates the reinsertion of destitute people into society.

Charlotte Beaudry, Vincen Beeckman, Marcel Berlanger, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Pascal Bernier, Jacques Charlier, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Juan D’oultremont, Lionel Esteve, Michel François, Ann Veronica Janssens, Philippe Geluck, Adrien Lucca, Julien Meert, Vincent Meessen, Benoit Platéus, Emmanuelle Quertain, Fabrice Samyn

Exhibition: 13-17 December, 11-18h
Vernissage: 14 December 2017, 18-21h
Auction: 17 December, 14h

Auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr, Brussels


Book presentation & round table

Tshela Tendu & Vincent Meessen, Patterns for (Re)cognition

Book presentation & round table discussion, in the context of the exhibition Patterns for (Re)cognition by Tshela Tendu & Vincent Meessen at Bozar (until 10/09/2017).

BOZAR (Brussels)
08/09/2017, 17-20h
Free entrance


Patterns for (Re)cognition

Tshela Tendu & Vincent Meessen
Acting as artist and curator, Vincent Meessen creates a unique context to frame the abstract watercolours of Tshela Tendu (Congo, circa 1880-1950) within the modernist heritage.

BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels




With a conversation with the artist, art critic Tom McDonough (Department of Art History, SUNY Binghamton, USA), Congolese-Canadian musician Pierre Kwenders and anthropologist Bob White (University of Montreal).

Presented by the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University (Montreal)




Justin Bennett in residence at Overtoon, Brussels.
1/05 – 30/12/2017

A research project investigating the acoustic territories of Brussels
Presentation in the exhibition The State of Things 2017 at iMal, Brussels 14/09-15/10/2017



Rencontres Internationales

New Cinema and Contemporary Art Festival with Vermeir & Heiremans’ Masquerade
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
16/06/2017, 3.30 PM


Research Project


A research project including a series of workshops, presentations and screenings
CAVEAT!!! is a three-year programme on contracts performing the legal and economic position of artists and cultural producers in contemporary society.
A prologue to CAVEAT!!! is hosted in the LODGERS programme of M HKA and AIR Antwerpen, from 13/05 to 23/07/2017. Public programmes: 19-21/05 and 22-24/06/2017



Rencontres Internationales-Paris/Berlin
New Cinema and Contemporary Art Festival
Screening of the film Masquerade by Vermeir & Heiremans
At La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
14/03 – 19/03 2017
Opening night Monday, March 13, at 7 PM


Film program with Eleni Kamma
at Palazzina Reale, Piazza della Stazione 50, Florence
16 and 24 March, at 6.30 PM
Free entry


Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF)
One.Two.Three (single channel) by Vincent Meessen
28/03/2017 – 02/04/2017
Cinema Muzeul Țăranului & Cinema Elvire Popesco


Artist talks

Journée d’étude du Pôle recherche
Presentation with Eleni Kamma
at ArBA-EsA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, DAM Galerie
144 rue du midi, 1000 Brussels
Thursday 16 March 2017
9h30 AM – 18h00 PM


Biennale Democrazia
Screening and artist talk by Vincent Meessen
Film Commission, Torino
One day event March 30, at 9 PM



A Song for Rio  (part 2)
Group exhibition with Vincent Meessen
Galeria Fortes Vilaça
Rio de Janeiro
18/02/2017 – 25/03/ 2017
Outdoor screening of One.Two.Three by Vincent Meessen on March 18 at 8 PM


The Noise of Being
group exhibition with Justin Bennett at Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam
01/02 – 26/02/2017


So Close Yet So Far Away| Contemporary Artists from Cyprus
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma at Petach Tikva Museum, Tel Aviv
12/01 – 11/03/2017


Group exhibition of Cultural Capital of Europe Pafos 2017 with Eleni Kamma
Venues: Old Powerhouse and Shelley Street Residence
28/01- 28/02/2017
Cultural Capital of Europe Pafos2017
Inaugural Events Programme
Saturday, 28 January and Sunday, 29 January
10 AM until 1 PM  | 04 PM until 7 PM


Gestures and archives of the present genealogies of the future
Taipei Biennial with work by Vincent Meessen
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan
10/09/2016- 5/02/2017


Money and the City
Lecture and screening Masquerade by Vermeir & Heiremans in
conversation with David Bassens, within the lecture series organized by Brussels Academy and Cosmopolis, Centre for Urban Research (VUB)
at Maison Des Cultures, Rue Mommaerts 4, Molenbeek (Brussels)
Friday, February 17, 2 until 4 PM.


Masterclass Adaptive Reuse Noordwijk
Lecture and screening Masquerade by Vermeir & Heiremans, within the public masterclass organized by architecture office 51N4E and Faculty of Arts and Design, Universiteit Hasselt
at WTC1, 16th Floor, Koning Albertlaan 28-30/40, 1000 Brussels
Wednesday, February 15 at 18 PM.


Artist talk by Vincent Meessen
“Le malentendu Thela Tendu”
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
Location: Amphithéâtre d’honneur, 14, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Wednesday, February 15 at 3 PM





Hantises – Biennale Koltès
Screening of Vita Nova by Vincent Meessen, collection FRAC Lorraine
Location: FRAC Lorraine 49 Nord 6 Est
1 bis, rue des Trinitaires
F-57000 Metz
Saturday November 19 at 2PM


Art of the Real
with film by Vincent Meessen
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (MMCA), Korea



This is not only French Theory
Screening and artist talk by Vincent Meessen in a seminar at ArBA (Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts), Brussels, November 15, 8PM.


REPLAY – ce que l’art veut aux archives
Round table at ISELP, Brussels
Yvan Flasse, Johan Grimonprez, Vincent Meessen and Giovanna Zapperi.
In the framework of BAFF (Brussels Art Film Festival), co-organized by Fonds Henri Storck
Saturday November 19 from 2.30 until 4.30 PM.


Le Palmiste de Roussel
Artist talk with Vincent Meessen commissioned by Ana Torfs for BXL Universel, a group show at La Centrale Electrique, Brussels.
Wednesday November 9 at 7PM


Culture and Finance Capital
Lecture-presentation live-version Masquerade at Goldsmiths, London
Presentation by Vermeir & Heiremans in the lecture series ‘Culture
and Finance Capital’
Goldsmiths University, London
Thursday October 13


#INSTITUT, zone d’altération temporaire
Masquerade by Vermeir & Heiremans, screening plus lecture
Saturday October 8 at 3PM at ISELP, Brussels.


International Film Seminar
with Vincent Meessen
Tabakalera arts center, San Sebastian/Donostia
07/10 -09/10/2016



We, people in transition
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at Research Centre Art & Society at Platform Minerva,Groningen
28/10 – 9/11/2016
Opening  Friday October 28, from 15:00 until 17.30.


Job opportunity

JUBILEE is looking for a Coordinator (M/F)
Download here our job description



Jubilee is invited as Biennale Fellow at Forum GB11
Forum To All the Contributing Factors
02/09- 04/09/2016
at various locations in Gwangju, Korea



12th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival
with a film by Vincent Meessen
Berwick-upon-Tweed, England


Festival with Eleni Kamma at Palais de Tokyo,Paris
03/09 – 04/09/2016
Open from noon until midnight
Opening Saturday, September 3rd at 11am


performance by Justin Bennett and HC Gilje
at Punkt Festival, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway
01/09 – 03/09/2016
Saturday, 3 September at 3.30pm



REPRISE Parrhèsia
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at SIGN, Groningen
30/09- 23/10/2016
Opening Friday 30 September


group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at HALLE 14 – Centre for Contemporary Art, Leipzig
17/09 – 20/11/2016
Opening: Saturday, September 17, 2016, 3pm


Dans la pluralité des mondes, Printemps de Septembre
with OK/KO, a solo show by Vincent Meessen
23/09 – 23/10/2016
Fondation d’entreprise espace Ecureuil pour l’art contemporain, Toulouse


Nida Doctoral School session with Eleni Kamma
Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) and Aalto University School of Arts
Nida Art Colony, Neringa, Lithuania
22/08 – 28/08/2016


group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Chora, Tinos island, Greece
02/07 – 31/10/2016
Opening: Saturday, July 2 at 20:00


Homeless Movies
solo exhibition and residence by Jasper Rigole
Huis van Alijn, Ghent
26/06/2016 – 15/01/2017
Opening: Sunday June 26 at 11:00


Fireflies in the Night Take Wing
Post midnight Video Art survey with Eleni Kamma
 at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), Athens, Greece. Free admission
23/06 – 26/06/2016


Bucharest Biennale 7
group exhibition with Vermeir & Heiremans
Art House Index (PUB)
Exhibition in public space Bucharest(RO)
26/05 – 30/06/2016


Without pause, dialogues
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at LOOP Festival, Barcelona
Venue: Reial Cercle Artístic
Carrer Arcs, 5, 08002, Barcelona
26/05 – 10/06/2016



L’avenir du passé
Publication with an essay by Vincent Meessen
Art contemporain et politiques de l’archive
Edited by Giovanna Zapperi



Hello From The Other Side
A talk by Marko Stamenkovic
Plateforme citoyenne de soutien aux réfugiés, Brussels
Rue Léon Théodor 85, 1090 Jette
Wednesday May 25  at  20:00pm



The Family of the Invisible
group exhibition with Vincent Meessen
05/04 – 29/05/2016
Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Seoul
Co-organized by Ilwoo Foundation, CNAP, Frac Aquitaine



Benefit Auction Artists for Ringland / A City is Not a Road
Vermeir & Heiremans offer for auction a publicity space in their upcoming artist publication In-Residence Magazine 03. This third edition will be dedicated to different concepts of The Good Life. Lot number 42.
Benefit auction



Welcome to CAVELAND!
3 Reflection Days: Protection – Day 1 / Underground Sources of Light – Day 2 / Stratification: Traces of Excess – day 3. Participation of Vincent Meessen to Stratification : Traces of Excess
Saturday, May 21, 13:30 > 17:00
Kunstenfestival des Arts, Brussels, Les Brigittines, Brussels


Audio walk

 Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi: Wolf Lake on the Mountains.
a site-specific audio work by Justin Bennett
Dark Ecology Journey, Nikel (RU) and Kirkenes (NO)
08/06/2016 – 12/06/2016



The Shifting Place. Aesthetic, spatial and temporal fractures of transitional territories
with Eleni Kamma
at UNIDEE – University of Ideas, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy
16/06 – 24/06/2016


Tinos Quarry Platform with Eleni Kamma
at Isternia, Tinos, Greece
24/05 – 01/06/2016



by Justin Bennett
Film screening with live music.
at Maze Festival, Splendor, Amsterdam
Sunday, May 22 2016 at 4pm
Splendor, Amsterdam


One.Two.Three (single channel)
by Vincent Meessen
at Image Forum Festival, Japan
14/05-22/05 at Kyoto Arts Center, Kyoto,
03/06-05/06 at City Public Library, Fukuoka
22/06-26/06 at Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya
01/07-15/07 at Yokohama Museum of Art



Sound of Silence
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at Festival van Vlaanderen, Kortrijk
16/04 – 01/05/2016
Friday, April 15 at 7pm
Opening performance by Simon Løffler \


Sire, je suis de l’ôtre pays
(Sir, I am from the other country)
solo exhibition Vincent Meessen
until April 24, 2016
WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels



L’oeil Vigilant
Contribution by Vincent Meessen
Broodthaers Society of America



by Vincent Meessen
Sunday, April 17 at 2.30pm
screening at Art of the Real, Film Society of the Lincoln Center, New York


Discursive events

Next Generation Please!
Dialogue II
with a.o. Vincent Meessen, Luuk van Middelaar and Marie Arena
Friday, April 22 at 10am
Bozar, Brussels


Des récits désenfouis
Mathias Enard (Goncourt Prize) & Vincent Meessen in dialogue with Gilles Collard.
Leçons inaugurales, La Cambre
Wednesday, April 27 at 6pm


Precarity as fuel
presentation of an online publication by Roel Griffioen
with a lecture by Vermeir & Heiremans and screening of Masquerade (2015)
In collaboration with Abel Heijkamp, hosted by Casco, Utrecht.
Saturday, April 30, 7:30-10:00pm


single channel version of the newest film by Vincent Meessen
selected in the category Bright Futures of the IFFR Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2016.
World première at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016
31/01/2016, 19.30h LantarenVenster 1
01/02/2016 14.15h LantarenVenster 5
05/02/2016 16.45h Cinerama 3


Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia
by Eleni Kamma as part of the film programme Breaking Crisis
Sat, 06/02/2016 at 12.00
Transmediale Berlin 2016


The City Comes To Life
film screenings and life sound performance by Justin Bennett
in the context of The Visual Voices
Sun, 31/01/2016 at 11h
for children 8+
Bozar Studio, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels



a lecture performance by Vermeir & Heiremans
Fri, 05/02/2016 at 20.30
Transmediale Berlin 2016



81 things I thought I had forgotten
by Jasper Rigole
13/12/2015- 31/01/2016
de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam


Visceral Blue
group exhibition with Vermeir & Heiremans
until 03/04/2016
at La Capella, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Curated by Anna Manubens




How we made it happen
On & For productions: workshop & screening with Eleni Kamma & Katrien Reist
Thursday, 17/12/2015
BOZAR Brussel


A-Z lecture
by Jasper Rigole
Tuesday, 10/11/2015 at 8pm
with mini guided tour between 07 – 08pm
Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33, 3500 Hasselt


Vita Nova by Vincent Meessen
screening in the framework of « CENT BARTHES »
closing event of the centennial of Roland Barthes
Wednesday, 11/11/2015, 8pm
Maison de la Poésie, Paris


Relire l’Histoire
Soirée carte blanche à Vincent Meessen
with a lecture and the screenings of One.Two.Three (2015)
and Muhammad Ali, the Greatest (1974)
Le Cinématographe, NantesThursday 19/11/2015, 20h30


Penser depuis la frontière
research seminar with Vincent Meessen, Philippe Artières and Vanessa Theodoropoulou
Friday, 20/11/2015, entire day
ENSBA, Nantes


Les Contemporains seminar
Vincent Meessen in dialogue with Eric Marty
Thursday, 26/11/2015, from 16 – 18h
Université Paris 7 – Paris Diderot


La question postcoloniale à l’épreuve de l’art
with Vincent Meessen (among others)
seminar in the framework of Colonies : Héritages et Tabous
by PointCulture, in collaboration with l’art même
27/11/2015, from 09h45 – 18h00
Wiels, Brussels


PARSE Conference 4 – 6/11/2015
Talk by by Vermeir & Heiremans
on Friday, 6/11/2015
Masquerade (installation version) on view 4 & 5/11/2015
University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia.
A new film by Eleni Kamma
Avant première at Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
Wednesday, 07/10/2015 at 5 pm


The Cost of Wealth
a series of film screenings, talks and lectures
curated by Florian Wüst
at CINEMATEK, deBuren and WTC25
13/10 – 30/10/2015
opening night at CINEMATEK: Tuesday 13/10/2015 at 20:30


Doing Sounding Exchanging Thinking:
The Auditory Experience of the Social
symposium curated by thickear,
with contributions by oa Justin Bennett
31 October 2015, 11:00 – 17:00. Free admission
Foundation b.a.d, Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam


WIELS @ Venice 2015
dialogues between WIELS and the Venice biennale
with Vincent Meessen
17-18/09/2015, 7 pm
at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, Venice


The Good Life
exhibition programme
with screenings by Vermeir & Heiremans
09/10/2015, 5 pm
at Filmmuseum Potsdam


81 things I thought I had forgotten
solo exhibition by Jasper Rigole
11/10 – 06/12/2015
Z33, huis voor actuele kunst, Hasselt
Opening de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam


SoundImageCulture – Installations
group exhibition with work by Eleni Kamma
04 – 18/10/2015
at Argos, Brussels
opening: Saturday 03/10, 6 – 9 pm


Subtle Patterns of Capital
group exhibition in the framework of curated by_vienna 2015
with Masquerade by Vermeir & Heiremans
curator: Barnabás Bencsik
PROLONGED 28/11/2015
at Galerie Georg Kargl, Vienna


Parrhesia, the courage for the truth in the transparent society
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
19/09 – 20/12/2015
at SIGN/Academie Minerva, Groningen


Wild Open Space/ Les Moissons de la Cité
collection presentation
with work by Eleni Kamma
until 20/09/2015
at Le Grand Curtius, Liège


premiere video work Vermeir & Heiremans
at Bruges Triennial 2015
until 18/10/2015
at Poortersloge, Bruges


5th Thessaloniki Biennale
with work by Eleni Kamma
until 30/09/2015
Thessaloniki, Greece


group exhibition with Vincent Meessen
as part of Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture
until 18/10/2015


video installation Vincent Meessen
until 22/11/2015
at the Belgian Pavilion 56th Biennale di Venezia


FLACC Residency
with Vincent Meessen
at FLACC, Genk


Tokyo Wonder Site Residency
with Vermeir & Heiremans
at Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo


In fact, do you see behind this curtain?
solo exhibition by Eleni Kamma
curator: Maria Stathi
21/11 – 23/12/2015
at Art Seen, Cyprus


by Vermeir & Heiremans
at the 4th Dojima River Biennale
25/07 – 30/08/2015
Preview: 24/07/2015, 4 – 9 pm


In-Residence Magazine #02
new publication by Vermeir & Heiremans
presented at WIELS’ bookshop
19/06/2015 – 7 pm


L’Intru (Invaders)
group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
at Friday Exit, Vienna
12/06 – 28/06/2015
opening 12/06/2015 – 7 pm


My Last Life
by Vincent Meessen at FRAC Aquitaine (Bordeaux)
and Lunettes noires et chambre claire
at Centre d’art Image/Imatge (Orthez), France
until 29/08/2015


Third Form (Prospectus vol. 1)
publication by Vincent Meessen
presented on the occasion of
the solo exhibition My Last Life
at FRAC Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France


On & For Production
Jubilee participates in open workshop
Friday 24/04/2015, 3 – 5 pm
at RITS School of Arts, Brussels


group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
curated by Iwona Blazwick, Director Whitechapel Gallery
until 26/07/2015
École Française d’Athènes, Athens, Greece


Life’s Finest Values
Vermeir & Heiremans in the Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
29/05/2015 / 07pm: Handel mit der Zukunft.
Screening of Masquerade and artists’ talk with Arne Hector
& Minze Tummescheit and Vermeir & Heiremans.
Moderated by Florian Wüst


In-Residence #1
by Vermeir & Heiremans
at ‘Tables’, presentation of artists books
24/04 – 27/04/2015
Presentation Friday 24/04/2015, 4 – 5 pm


Oh, for some more Amusement!
Solo exhibition by Eleni Kamma in Netwerk Aalst
until 13/06/2015


the region as an art space
Group show with a.o. Eleni Kamma
Provincie Maastricht
until 12/06/2015


Artist-run platforms – a Belgian phenomenon?
Jubilee participates in presentation and talk at Temporary Gallery, Cologne
with work by Justin Bennett
17/04/2015, 7 pm and 17/04 to 19/04/2015, 11 am – 6 pm
as part of the Film Cologne – Art Cologne programme


Blueprint | Seism
Gemak, The Hague, 14/03 – 11/04/2015
Opening: Friday 13/03/2015, 5 – 8 pm
with live performance by MAZE


Patterns for (Re)cognition
Vincent Meessen at the Kunsthalle Basel
until 25/05/2015


My Last Life / Mi Ultima Vida
in Kukuruchos Guadalajara Mexico
27/03 – 10/05/2015


Memory Politics
until 31/05/2015
video programme at the Telemark Art Center (NO)
with a.o. Vita Nova (2009) by Vincent Meessen


Florian Wüst
Berlin-based filmcurator
in Brussels for a research residency
02 – 08/02/2015


Friday 06/02 – from 09 am to 10.30 pm at BOZAR, Brussels
Research platform for the Belgian Pavilion in Venice 2015


Reading Room #02
workshop on Art & Value
Sat 07/02 from 4 to 10 pm
Sun 08/02 from 10 am to 6 pm
open for registration


In the mouth of the wolf. Die Wolf, Die!
Group exhibition with Eleni Kamma
Opening 20 November 2014
exhibition 21 November 2014 – 9 January 2015
location Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus – House of Cyprus


Specters. A Cinema of Haunting
screening program curated by T.J. Demos
opening with Vita Nova (2009) by Vincent Meessen
From 12 November – 10 December, 2014
location Museum Reina Sofie, Madrid


The 13th Istanbul Biennial Book

 is out!


Open Museum, Open City
group exhibition with work by Justin Bennett
curated by Hou Hanru
Exhibition 24.10 – 30.11.2014
Location: Fondazione MAXXI, Rome


Allegory of the Cave Painting
group exhibition with work by Vincent Meessen
Opening: Friday, 19.09.2014 / 19:00
Exhibition: 20.09. – 07.12.2014
Location: Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp


Sustainable Creativity in the Post-Fordist Condition – Working Conference
Katrien Reist participates in discussion around self-organization
Symposium: 04.09. – 05.09.2014
Location: Rijksuniversiteit, Groningen


Spectral Analysis
sound installation by Justin Bennett at Stroom’s WeberWoche
Event: 10.09. – 14.09.2014
Location: Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague


Yar bana bir eğlence (Oh, for some Amusement! )
solo exhibition by Eleni Kamma
Exhibition: 13.09 – 09.11.2014
Location: Galerie Nadja Vilenne, Liège, Belgium


Treasure Island
group exhibition with work by Eleni Kamma
Exhibition: 26.09. – 11.11.2014
Location: Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Cyprus


Theory of Colour
group exhibition with The Intruderby Vincent Meessen
Exhibition: 27.09.2014 – 07.02.2015
Location: MUAC, Mexico City


A Glass Darkly
group exhibition with work by Vermeir & Heiremans
Opening: Saturday, 27.09.2014 / 17:00
Exhibition: 28.09. – 23.11.2014
Stroom Den Haag, The Hague


Kanaal Radio
sound performance with Justin Bennett
21 September 2014
Location: Stem van West web radio
With recording taking place at Kanaleneiland, Utrecht


Shooting of Masquerade (working title)
video work by Vermeir & Heiremans
Release Spring 2015


Opening exhibition Justin Bennett
including drawings, installations and animation
Opening: Saturday, 12.07.2014 /16:00
Exhibition: 13.07 – 22.08.2014
Location: Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague


Secret Garden
sound project by Justin Bennett at Zone2Source
Saturday, 21.06.2014 – ongoing
Location: outdoors, starts at Glazen Huis, Amstelpark 4, 1083 HZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Monstruous Compositions: the Documentary Device at Work
Critical Session with Vincent Meessen at XXI Jornadas de Estudio de la Imagen
Wednesday, 25.06.2014 / 13:00
Location: CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid


A cinematographic tribute to Sébastien Koeppel
Saturday, 03.05.2014 / 19:00
Location: MAAC, Rue des Chartreux 26, 1000 Brussels


Self-organisation, its possibilities, challenges and limits
Panel Talk with Katrien Reist at POPPOSITIONS
Sunday, 27.04.2014 / 14:00
Location: Dexia Art Center, Rue de l’Ecuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat, 1000 Brussels


Radio Interview
with Justin Bennett
By Michael Rüsenberg for hr2-kultur


Personne et les autres
An exhibition project by 
Vincent Meessen and Katerina Gregos
was selected to represent Belgium at the Venice Biennial in 2015


Haben und Brauchen
A lecture by Ines Schaber and Florian Wüst
In collaboration with BAM, Argos and the Vlaams Bouwmeester
Tuesday, 15.04.2014 / 19:00
Location: Atelier Vlaams Bouwmeester, Ravensteingalerij 54-59, 1000 Brussels


Raw Materials
By Justin Bennett at GEMAK in The Hague
As part of the exhibition Gladstone ‘On books and the housing of them’
28.03.2014 – 10.05.2014
Location: Paviljoensgracht 20-24, 2512 BP The Hague, the Netherlands


Festival Bande(s) à part
Screening of four works by Vincent Meessen
Thursday, 10.04.2014 / 17:00
Festival: 01.04.2014 – 13.04.2014
Location: Magic Cinéma, Rue du Chemin Vert, 93000 Bobigny, France


The Good Life
By Vermeir & Heiremans in ‘7 Raumthesen’
Group exhibition curated by Susanne Neubauer
03.04.2014 – 10.05.2014
Opening Wednesday, 02.04.2014 / 18-20:00
Location: Rotwand Gallery, Zurich


Walking, Telling, Listening – audio walks
Talk by Justin Bennett at the Locus Sonus Symposium #8 Audio Mobility
Wednesday,16.04.2014 / 10:45
Location: Aix en Provence, France, LAMES MMSH , Ecole Supérieure d’art Aix, Seconde Nature


Critical Practice, ‘Research on Value’
Presentation & discussion Vermeir & Heiremans
Wednesday, 23.04.2014 (invitation only)


Symposiumarchives: déplier l’histoire
Screening, Q&A and lecture by Vincent Meessen
Friday, 25.04.2014 / 11:00 Screening of Vita Nova (2009, 30 min.) and Q&A with Vincent Meessen
Saturday, 26.04.2014 / 15:30 Lecture by Vincent Meessen: Tshela Tendu, un malentendu
Location: Iselp, 31 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels


The Artist´s Corner
Michael Rüsenberg in conversation with Justin Bennett
on HR 2, Hessen Rundfunk
Saturday, 15.03.2014
23:05 – 24:00h (streaming link)


Collecting Geographies
Global Programming and Museums of Modern Art
symposium at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Vincent Meessen presents his paper TshelaTendu: Un malentendu / A Misunderstanding
13 – 15 March 2014


Launch ECHOES – DiARTgonale Special Edition #2
presented by Enough Room for Space
Vincent Meessen and Cameroon writer Lionel Manga
appropriate the correspondence of French novelist Céline,
sent from Cameroon in 1916.
WE 12.02, 19:30 at SMBA, Amsterdam
TH 13.02, 19:00 at WIELS and Enough Room for Space HQ, Brussels
FR 21.02 at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin


My Last Life. An African Grammar after Roland Barthes
Vincent Meessen, solo show at MUAC, Mexico City
28.11.2013 – 23.02.2014
Panel discussion: Wednesday, 27 November, 5.00 – 6.30pm
before the official opening


One year Vdrome
Vdrome celebrates its anniversary with a 24hr programme with all the works presented until now, including Vita Nova (2009) by Vincent Meessen.
Sunday, 16.02 at 20.27 h at


The Good Life
at New Industries Festival, HMKV, Dortmund
From Industry to Industrial
, filmscreenings in three parts curated by Florian Wüst
Saturday 25 January 2014, 6pm / 8pm / 10pm
RWE Forum | Kino im U
Dortmunder U – Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität, Dortmund


Gawan Fagard in conversation with Vincent Meessen
in the framework of exhibition Jean-Luc Moulène Endwards in Extra City
Screening of Le Chant du Styrène – Alain Resnais (FR, 1968. 35mm. 14 min.)
 and The Ship of Theseus – Anand Ghandi (India, 2012. HD Video. 143 min.)
Thursday, 23 of January 2014 / 7pm
Location: Cinema of Extra City, Eikelstraat 25, 2600 Antwerp


…Of Those Who Inhabit Rooms
Group show organized by
Twelve Cells for the Intoxicated
with a.o. work by Vermeir & Heiremans
10.11 – 07.12.2013
Opening: Saturday 9 November 6 – 9pm
Square de l’Aviation 7B, 1070 Brussels


Seminar on artistic practices
Artist talk by Vincent Meessen,
moderated by critic and curator Christophe Wavelet.
Tuesday, 12.11.2013, from 1 – 4pm
ERG, Rue du Page 87, 1050 Brussels


Patterns for (re)cognition
Vincent Meessen
Tshyela Ntendu
Kiosk Ghent
28.09 – 17.11.2013


Dream Map
new audio work by Justin Bennett
at 4th Mostre de Arte Digital in Sao Paolo
09.10 – 03.11.2013


Avery Gordon
guest in KASK lecture series
KIOSK, Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Ghent
Tuesday, 22.10.2013 at 20:00


The Good Life (A guided tour)
by Vermeir & Heiremans
in Kino Arsenal, Berlin
Tuesday, 22.10.2013 at 19:30


The Residence (a wager for the afterlife)
by Vermeir & Heieremans
Impakt Festival 2013 from 30.10 – 03.11.2013
Screening on Sunday, 03.11 at 19:00


The Residence (a wager for the afterlife)
by Vermeir & Heiremans
at the 13th Istanbul Biennial
14.09 – 20.10.2013


Secrets of the Amsterdam Canals
by Justin Bennett and Renate Zentschnig
around the Grachtengordel, Amsterdam
ongoing project


Edgelands – Stelling van Amsterdam
by Justin Bennett
at Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen, (NL).
07 July – 29 September 2013
as part of the project
Open City – who owns public space?


The Residence (A Wager for an Afterlife), 2012
by Vermeir & Heiremans
at Rencontres Internationales Berlin
25 – 30 June 2013
presented by the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt


La Poule d’Ombredane
a project in development by Vincent Meessen
was selected for the FIDLab in Marseille.
FID Marseille, 02 – 08 July 2013


Speculating on Change
Centro de Artes Dos de Mayo (CA2M), Madrid
XX Jornadas de Estudio de la Imagen
17 – 20 June 2013
Directed by Pablo Martínez and Vincent Meessen


Art House Index
a lecture-performance by Vermeir & Heiremans
at XX Image Symposium at CA2M, Madrid
19 June 2013


Raw Materials
a film by Justin Bennett.
screenings during Hors Pistes Tokyo.
06 – 17 June 2013


Kapitalistisch Realisme
Fucking Good Avond No 3
Thursday 16 May 2013
Alienation by hyperrealism
in two short films by Vermeir & Heiremans (BE)
at Worm, Rotterdam


Vita Nova (2009)
film screening followed by a discussion
with Vincent Meessen on the practice of artistic research.
Tuesday May 14, 2013, 17h
at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UCM, Madrid


Art House Index
Vermeir & Heiremans
a lecture-performance
Friday 10 May 2013, 18:30h
Public Program Istanbul Biennial 2013


Return to the Postcolony
Specters of Colonialism in Contemporary Art
Recent publication by T.J. Demos
with an essay on the work of Vincent Meessen
SternbergPress 2013


Raw Materials (2011)
by Justin Bennett
Video screening on Saturday 27 April 2013
Beyond Soundscape
Sonorities, festival of contemporary music, Belfast


The Residence (A Wager for the Afterlife) 2012
Vermeir & Heiremans
26 April – 02 June 2013
Ingredients (group show)
at the Riga Art Space, Latvia


The Value of Our Love
Artistic Practice and its Economic Reality
Saturday 20 April 2013
Round table debate at Art Brussels