Jubilee produces the work of artists Justin Bennett, Eleni Kamma, Vincent Meessen, Jasper Rigole, and Vermeir & Heiremans, as well as collective research with invited artists and other guests


Ultramarine at the International Film Festival Rotterdam
Vincent Meessen's Ultramarine wins an Ammodo Tiger Short Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019.


Jubilee at Dazibao
Video programme featuring works by each of Jubilee's artists at Dazibao, Montreal
07/02 - 05/04/2019
Opening: February 7, 19h

Blues Klair
Solo exhibition by Vincent Meessen including a side programme with screenings, talks, visits, and performances. Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal
17/11/2018 - 23/02/2019


The single channel version of Vincent Meessen's Ultramarine (2018) is shown as part of the 12th Shanghai Biennale curated by Cuauhtémoc Medina
10/11/2018 - 10/03/2019

Reading Room

Caveat Reading Room #5
Collective reading and discussion of 'The logic of the collection', a text by Boris Groys
21/02/2019, 16-18h

Jubilee has moved

New spaces
As of January 2019, Jubilee has settled on the 6th floor of the former Actiris building in the heart of Brussels


Home Economics: Real Abstraction in the Work of Vermeir and Heiremans
Essay by art historian Steyn Bergs (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) in Open Set

The first issue of the journal by art/recherche, the organization for artistic research in art education, features interviews with Eleni Kamma and Vincent Meessen on some of their recent work.

Online exhibition

Vincent Meessen’s work on Oral Site examines the transnational destiny of the official Belgian motto "Eendracht maakt macht/L'union fait la force"

Audio works

Justin Bennett releases two new collections of audio works: BXL_FLT (2017-2018) and SITE 2 (2011-2018)

Collective research

Caveat, an artistic research on the ecology of artistic practice
Caveat is a collective research project that focuses on the legal and social-economic frameworks in which art workers operate, and the precarious conditions this generates. The project aims to redefine the contract as a tool for actively reconfiguring relations in the field, and as an instrument toward self-emancipation. Caveat is convened by Jubilee, in partnership with Open Source Publishing, No New Enemies and Été 78.


The Flemish Community has acquired Vincent Meessen's audiovisual installation One.Two.Three. The work, featuring a contemporary interpretation of a May 68 chant written by the Congolese Situationist Joseph Mbelolo ya Mpiku, was created for the Belgian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015).
One.Two.Three will be hosted by Mu.ZEE, museum for modern and contemporary art in Ostend. Since 2014, the museum has a programme with specific interest in the relationship between occidental modern art and art from the Congo, former Belgian colony, in the context of which the exhibition A conversation between collections from Kinshasa and Ostend was on view at Mu.ZEE recently.