Jubilee supports the work of artists Justin Bennett, Eleni Kamma, Vincent Meessen, Vermeir & Heiremans, as well as collective research with invited artists and other guests

Jubilee's commitment to good governance, fair practices, and integrity of psycho-social well-being
Jubilee wishes to improve the conditions of artists and art workers in its daily practice and is focusing on these conditions in its collective research trajectories


Post-Capital: A Screening
Online screening programme with a selection of works from the Mudam Collection, including Vermeir & Heiremans’ The Residence (a Wager for the afterlife) (2012)
02/10/2021 – 16/01/2022


Casting Call: The Collector of Proverbs, The Animal, The Fool, The Selfie-Junkie, The Innocent, The Child, The Drunk, The…
Eleni Kamma presents her project Casting Call in a solo exhibition at West Den Haag, The Hague
26/11/2021 – 30/01/2022. Opening: 27/11/2021, 12-18h

Infrahauntologies - Part II
Vermeir & Heiremans present their work A Modest Proposal in part two of the group exhibition Infrahauntologies at galerie La Box, Bourges (FR)
27/01 – 13/03/2022. Opening: 27/01/2022, 18h

Welcome to Amchitka
Justin Bennett is part of the group exhibition Welcome to Amchitka at 38CC in Delft
28/01 - 03/04/2022 - Postponed till March


Juste un Mouvement at Les Magritte du Cinéma
Vincent Meessen's Juste un Mouvement is included in the preselections for Les Magritte du Cinéma in five categories

Recently, Juste un Mouvement was awarded 'The Prix Spécial Politique de la Ligue des Droits de l'Homme' at the film festival for human rights in Guadeloupe: Mondes en vues, Festival International du Film des Droits Humains (FIFDH) as well as the 'Prize for the Film About Art' at the Brussels Art Film Festival (BAFF). For a complete overview please check the updated list of screenings and awards, and the film's official website

PhD in the Arts

Taking Place: Parrhesiastic Theater as a Model for Artistic Practice
Jubilee wishes to congratulate her member artist Eleni Kamma with her PhD in the Arts, recently obtained from Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague

Sound work

Radio New Babylon
A project initiated by Justin Bennett including audio pieces by local and international artists in and around the New Babylon office and apartment complex in Den Haag
01/10/2021 - ongoing

BMB con. #14 Sudden Noise
BMB con., Justin Bennett's collaborative performance project, releases the digital album Sudden Noise

The Constellation: series 2
Series 2 of the podcast series, The Constellation, started by Justin Bennett during the first lockdown and inspired by the rediscovery of a large sound archive from his past


Open City Journal, Issue #3
Parts 1 and 2 of an extensive dialogue between Vincent Meessen and Olivier Marboeuf, released in three parts and published every two weeks


Mosaic Journal: Special Issue on Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida
Vincent Meessen contributed to Mosaic Journal's Special Issue on Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography

Herman Asselberghs on Juste un Mouvement
Filmmaker and film school professor Herman Asselberghs wrote an essay about Juste un Mouvement for Sabzian (in Dutch)

Collective research

Caveat, an artistic research on the ecology of artistic practice
Caveat is a collective research project that focuses on the legal and social-economic frameworks in which art workers operate, and the precarious conditions this generates. The project aims to redefine the contract as a tool for actively reconfiguring relations in the field, and as an instrument toward self-emancipation. Caveat is convened by Jubilee, in partnership with Open Source Publishing, No New Enemies and Été 78

Caveat Reading Room #19
During this Reading Room at Meyboom Artist-run Spaces we collectively read and discuss excerpts of Boris Groys' 'The Truth of Art' (2016)
21/01/2022, 16-18h


Meyboom Artist-run Spaces
As of October 2021, Jubilee has found a new working space at a stone's throw from Brussels Central Station (and with a view on Congress Station)