Collective research


As a unique way for an artist initiative to reach out to others, Jubilee engages in collaboration beyond its own ecosystem by actively inviting guest artists, researchers and other professionals, and developing collective research projects that they can join, recently: The Value of our Love (2013), Haben und Brauchen (2014), The Cost of Wealth (2015). Within these projects, Jubilee curates and facilitates exchange between implicated, but formerly not necessarily involved, groups: direct contact, dialogue, reconsideration of the nature of their relationships, reframing of roles, expectations, and responsibilities. As such, Jubilee is a multi-sided platform that initiates alternative approaches by enabling direct interactions between distinct yet mutually dependent people and parties.

Caveat (2017-ongoing), Jubilee’s most encompassing collective research project to date involving four research partners, a wealth of artists and non-artist specialist, and various co-producing hosting institutions, is a good example of this advanced practice. An organization where artists and art institutions of all kinds are engaged to participate in a mentality shift in approaching their professional relationships. These normally opposed stakeholders manifest themselves ambitious to participate because of mutually shared interest, whereas their relationship has often economically been thought of as opposed and hierarchical. By harnessing commissioned artistic in situ research, Caveat aims at reconfiguring contracts: instead of formalizations of bilateral exchanges of value under clearly defined conditions, they should function in terms of shared interest and developing sustained relations.