Listening in the time of Corona

Discussion with four artists who are concerned with listening to the world

11/05/2021, Rue Paul Devauxstraat 3, 1000 Brussels (location to be confirmed)

Has the sound of our environment changed during the last year, or is it our listening that has changed?

Since March 2020 there have been many articles in the press about the relative silence that came with the cancellation of flights and the reduction in commuter traffic. Sound artists and musicians were inspired to document the changing world around them in recordings and compositions. As the noise levels return in and around our cities, what have we learnt about our acoustic world?

Four artists who are concerned with listening to the world discuss their personal impressions and reflect on how listening in lockdown has influenced their practices.

Renate Zentschig is co-founder of the Amsterdam-based Soundtrackcity. She is currently exploring the listening experience of others during the lockdown periods.

Flavien GilliƩ is a musician and sound recordist based in Brussels. He works with the social-artistic sound project BNA BBOT and has contributed many recordings to the Radio Aporee Corona project.

Els Viaene is a sound artist and field recordist based in Brussels and Gent. Her work explores the relation between seeing and hearing. She is currently researching sound as a physical phenomenon.

Justin Bennett is an artist and musician based in The Hague, and a founding member of Jubilee. He works with audio-walks, storytelling and spatial audio. With the performance group BMB con. he made a series of recording projects during lockdown.