Casting Call: Parade Agora

A performative and discursive event with Eleni Kamma at Beursschouwburg and Beursplein, Brussels

Postponed to 10/09/2020

Rue Auguste Ortsstraat 20/28
1000 Brussels

English spoken

Entrance: free

Casting Call: Parade Agora is an inclusive and interactive performance-discussion that engages with the ostensible opposition between the individual and the collective. It involves democracy, prosperity, solidarity and other concepts unpacking ways of living together, while engendering disagreements and controversy in society.

How do we build the courage and create the connections needed to speak to the other - no matter how far or near - and to forge relationships, but also to express one's own opinion sincerely? How can we use public space to explore relationships between our individual and collective lives, and find 'public time' for them? The Beursplein in Brussels was chosen as the location of this event because it is perhaps the most vibrant public space in the 'capital' of Europe.

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Co-produced by Beursschouwburg, Wandering Arts Biennial/nadine vzw with the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, and Flanders State of the Art