JUBILEE is an initiative by the artists Justin Bennett, Vincent Meessen, Jasper Rigole, Eleni Kamma, Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans and art worker Katrien Reist. JUBILEE supports (audio-visual) artists and practices, that develop out of long-term and cross-disciplinary research with a discursive output.

Starting from the practice of this core group of artists - based in Brussels, Ghent and The Hague - JUBILEE functions as a cooperative structure that optimizes the output of its members through joining efforts and equally distributing its collective assets and resources (economic, artistic and social). We explore the potential of this specific micro-economy and aim for extension towards other individuals, organizations, and structures – both locally and internationally.
Based on the idea of open source practice, redistribution of accumulated value within a mutual economic system and stimulating the exchange of knowledge – both on an artistic level as well as business administration – JUBILEE researches the challenging trajectories for change towards a new economy, also for the arts.


daily operation

Productional and administrative support of (individual) artistic research projects of its core members, and temporary guest artists and curators.

Developing an active and transdisciplinary network of scientists, artists and social key figures with a shared interest in social issues that form the core themes of the artists and theorists JUBILEE works with.

Building of knowledge and skills around the practice of artistic research and the provision of this information to third parties through the website, personal meetings, and publications.


public activities

Distribution of developed knowledge through discursive public activities, organized in close co-operation with partner institutions within and outside Belgium.

Maintain a small co-working and meeting space in Brussels, as a base and hub for international projects and activities of members and guests, such as personal meetings between the artists and their peers, small scale reading rooms, lounges and informal display presentations. As from 01/08/2015 JUBILEE resides at the WTC25, the 25th Floor of the World Trade Center / Tower 1 in the North of Brussels.



Annemie Knaepen, coordinator
Inneke Van Waeyenberghe, producer
Jesse van Winden, curator-researcher


board of directors

Boris Debackere (chairman), V2
Sari Depreeuw (secretary), Daldewolf
Nav Haq, M HKA
Vincent Meessen, independent artist and founding member of Jubilee
Katrien Reist, Netwerk, founding member of Jubilee
Pascale Viscardy, Critique d’art (AICA) – Direction des Arts plastiques contemporains (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles)