Nouvelles Textualités

Le livre entre déconstruction et reconstruction


Seminar featuring Prospectus, Vincent Meessen's publication project.


Pierre Huyghebaert will present Prospectus, initiated by Vincent Meessen, carried by La Cambre and supported by A/R (art recherche). It's conceived as an heterogenous editorial research space where a formal experimentation takes place. The book is considered as a tool and dissimination medium made of paper in the digital era.

Together with master students of the typography and printing workshops, Pierre Huyghebaert and Jean Pierre Muller will present their work around a relic lithographic limestone with the map of Congo, in the context of Prospectus.


20/03/2018, 9-18h
La Cambre — auditoire Stynen
21 Abbaye de La Cambre
1000 Brussels


Free entrance. Official language: French


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